Cha-ching Jan 15


I understand perfectly what you are saying - and it isn’t my intent to belittle you or anybody else and I’m sorry if it came off that way. Just recently on the “I feel discouraged” thread we were all talking about “what am I doing wrong?” and trying to lift each others spirits. I even reached out to you saying I understand b/c not one of my Instant Domain’s have been excepted. That too makes me feel discouraged. But to come on to the “cha-ching” thread and start making the people who have won a measly split feel bad about their earnings and sharing it with one another, isn’t cool. Just my opinion. I’ll reiterate my previous statement that I truly enjoy seeing others win something on abandoned contests. Regardless, it honestly doesn’t matter to me if I post my splits or not, and I’d be surprised if anyone does from here on out. Best of luck to you and everyone else on winning contests and splits :slight_smile:


I do want to say in the beginning it was good to post as a barometer for all creatives, but I think after the first few months, when those that weren’t getting much if anything on splits, got tired of seeing others continuously get split after split,


I understand everyone’s points. I at first jumped in and shared my winnings also…but then this week was thinking about how it could be perceived as bragging or being insensitive to those who are not as fortunate right now…so decided I would no longer share.There are alot of reasons why we may not have wins or splits, that have nothing to do with the quality of our names.i.e contests being cancelled, CH’s changing direction, having love its that are still love its but have had the shortlisting aspect taken away,CH’s not rating after the first bunch of entries,etc. All this can cause tender or frustrated feelings…so I can see why people talking about all the $ they are raking in on splits etc, can cause a bruise or make people question their own legitimacy here.Even though I am sure most if not all are not trying to be unkind, perhaps it is kinder not to say anything about earnings and just take your winnings privately and graciously. JMHO


As I said in my previous message, I really want to know when the chachings are done more than anything. If you don’t get chachings, you have no way of knowing if the process is complete. The only way to know is if you get an email because you got them. I had asked SH to post when the chachings are done, then Able and Lisa started posting them, which was really helpful. I agree with many that it was important at the beginning so everyone understands how they work and to be able to show that the new system is better than the last system. I am all for a post without sharing winnings. I usually get chachings, but I keep track so I have some idea when I am not going to get chachings. I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t get them because it’s the same as winning. If I don’t have shortlists, I don’t get a chance at the money. I already know that going in. I have been keen on sharing that the new system is fair, as evidenced by numbers. That’s been proven now.


Yes, maybe just a thread of when cha-chings start and end would be best - now knowing how discouraged and frustrated people feel reading about split winnings.


Clarifications from SH would be great to determine if this will work.
@grant - can you answer this question for us?: When the emails go out on Chachings, are they all sent at once, meaning that the process is done for everyone? If not, would it be possible for SH to simply post in the forum when the chaching process is complete?


@Commulinks How could you say " I wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t get them because it’s the same as winning." You are on the “I feel discouraged” thread all the time when you aren’t close to “meeting your quota” for the month.


I see EVERYBODY’s point. Trulely, I do. Both sides have valid points!!!

That being said I can’t believe this has become an issue. I guess we should remove the leaderboard, winner’s board, and the “props” thread too. While we’re at it, everyone who consistently wins should stop posting how they aren’t winning all of a sudden because it just belittles me as I NEVER win…why should I keep trying after not winning for a year when they wanna give up for not winning in a month, makes me feel like crud yada yada yada…

If you wanna post it, post it. It’s not breaking any rules and no one is forcing anyone to click on the cha-Ching threads.


Thanks for the question. I’d rather that CHs choose winners than have chachings, that is why. I would rather put my focus on ensuring contests come to a better resolution. Yes, I get discouraged with myself when I don’t perform. But other people’s wins are not what is discouraging to me per se. It’s my own performance. I do have a quota that I hold myself to and if I find myself in a situation where I stop winning here and stop earning what I feel is what I can expect of myself, then I will have to leave. It would not bother me if other people got chachings and I didn’t because I already know, for the most part, when I am not in the running for them. (So I was already discouraged by my own performance). I also keep track of how much I have earned on average each month so one month’s lack of chachings and wins typically just brings my average down and another brings it up. By the way, I did say I am all for not posting chaching earnings so… this is a non-issue for me. I just want to know when they are done. I am not here to brag. Lots of people do way better than I do. I understand why people feel bad.


Wow, this certainly turned into a ‘if you win anything you are not welcome here’ thread.

I really love hearing about other peoples wins and splits and I’m genuinely thrilled for anyone that gets something. It’s a motivator. It drives me to try harder because ‘it can be done’. With so many threads here that are negative, I think it’s great to see a positive one every couple of weeks. You don’t have to read it if you don’t like it.


We are all seeking validation of some point,


I agree. If it makes someone sad to see what other people won, I don’t see a lot of reason for reading the thread.

Personally, I check out the thread even when I’ve won $0, because other people’s big wins make me feel like “Wow, maybe that could be me next time.” I feel the same about the winner’s board.

And sure, sometimes I feel down when I have a bad streak, but that feeling is 100% my responsibility and no one else’s.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


I don’t feel that is what is happening.Of course it is great when anyone has success. But we all work hard here, and have varying cycles of success. I think what was meant is “Yay, you… if you win…that’s great!” But be sensitive towards others who are at the present not faring so well.As it can be discouraging to have it in their face,as it can magnify what they are feeling is their current unsuccess. When you are the one winning…it can be a motivator. But if you aren’t, it can be sometimes hurtful.Especially when you feel you are giving good names and getting good ratings…but it is not paying off at the moment.


I think it’s sharing the dollar amount that is bothering some people, not the number of splits won. If Squadhelp thought it was a good idea to share that, then they would just post the size of the split on the “awarded by Squadhelp” page. I don’t care either way, but I know from real-life experience that any time employees start discussing salaries or benefit packages, someone gets their feelings hurt. The forum usually has a pretty friendly vibe, but this thread seems to be causing a lot of strife, so for me, it’s not worth it.


I appreciate you, @AbleBrands and many others here who are positive, witty, thoughtful and upbeat. Thank you. I find inspiration in those who win way more than I do. It’s contagious.


Well put! 20 xharacters…


I went back to the beginning of this thread to see how “insensitive” and “uncouth” it may sound - but after reading it, all I see is kindness, encouragement, and congratulatory responses. I was super happy that I was able to pay for a root canal for goodness sakes. Another person didn’t get a split but won their first contest, and we all congratulated them. Another didn’t hit the split but won a $300 contest which they thought was out of their reach. Last month we had someone that won over $600 on splits and was able to see their family for Christmas, how awesome is that!?. I love reading these stories. If you don’t like reading the success of others ($ amounts included) then don’t. But the fact is, you enter the cha-ching thread b/c you’re curious and want to see.

And when @hollygirl posted a stand-alone thread “Oh my goodness, unbelievable!!” about winning a $500 contest, how fantastic was that?! Was that insensitive? Bragging? Unnecessary? Absolutely not! Good on her, she deserved it and she should be proud of that. How is that any different then this? B/c it was one time? What about the next person that wants to do that? When is too many, too many? Now it starts to get petty . . .

We are a part of SH for one reason, and that is to provide the very best names, taglines, and designs for the CH. If and when that CH chooses to abandon a contest (which is frustrating in itself) then yes, why not congratulate each other on splitting the reward ($ amount included). In the end, this is a competition people, not a therapy session.


Thank you for being so compassionate. I really appreciate it. However, the concensus seems to be tough ****, if you can’t handle it then don’t read it. Fine I’ll take that advice.


Sure wish I could speak the truth, but the fact is I can’t without getting banned,which BTW many of the benefits you all so enjoy today are as a result of me fighting for OUR rights so staunchly , so much so I got banned, no one give 2 cents about that though do you?


Best post of the year @CRen, you deserve a cha-ching for that. :tada::innocent::heart_eyes:

I think it is safe to say that nobody here wants to be non-compassionate either. In fact, we have long threads on the forum where people have talked about being down and having trouble winning where others have spent their time trying to cheer people up, and offer whatever advice we have that might help.