Cha-ching Jan 15


Oh I hear ya @tristine24 We have a cabin up in the Catskills and I wont go anywhere near it. Just as cold and snowy down here in the city,expecting snow again tonight and tomorrow


you’re too good for those to beyond your grasp, formidable competition


i got $380 from 6 contests …also won 1 today so…so far so good lol…lots of competitions this days … loving it tho issa challenge


id fall over if i even came close to 1/2 that…SMH still not sure what i need to do different


Trust me …in time i got to know that there is always that moment on sh…when nothing seems to be coming but at the end of it all something will surely come …just keep it up… you are one of the creatives i look up to from the start till date …Pure Genius. @seezall


I could see a dry month maybe 2 but just has gone on too long, I appreciate the kind words, just not sure what I can do better, I know I’m good at coming up with available domains…


I’ll take this as my days Bonus E-A-G-L-E-S! # Superbowl Bound! Go Birds)


Sorry for my ignorance, but how do the splits work and how do you know when the money will be split for a contest? I’ve got contests that have been pending for ages with high ratings.


Actually, I find the Cha-Ching threads twice a month to be unnecessary. The first couple when the new system started seemed fine as we were all learning. But now I find them to really disheartening for those who didn’t get any, or those who split for such menial amounts that it just seems to rub salt in the wounds. just my opinion.


Agree. I think it should be private.


Here is the split policy:


I can understand how you and others would feel that way.
I appreciate the chaching message so that I know when it is happening and when it is done specifically on the 15th because that is typically the day when I withdraw my money which I only do once a month. One time, I had already done it and got splits moments afterward. That is the most important thing to me to know is that the Chachings are done.


<<<<<Cha-ching author lol I put it up so everyone knows it’s started. Splits start showing in your activity feed before you get your email. Not sure why it needs to be private. I can click on your name and see exactly how many contests you’ve been awarded , been won and the amount of money you’ve made so far. Being that the split system is new, we started posting to see if it was going to work better or the same as the old system. Not everyone posts their split awards, it’s a choice. Just my two cents worth :blush:


I think they are asking for it to be kept private simply because it is disheartening and discouraging for those of us who get nothing to see so many others reaping the spoils of SH participation. It makes us feel like we are inadequate in some way. Even though we know it is no one’s intention to make us feel bad it just feels like rubbing salt in a wound as earlier stated. I realize some folks see it as a welcome reminder of what’s ahead, for others it’s another reason to feel discouraged. Hope that makes sense.


As someone who also posts during the “Cha-ching” thread, I actually enjoy the camaraderie of it. I find it motivating to see that one month you can “win” $0 and the next $200. Some might feel that you “shouldn’t talk about money”, but, we’re not talking thousands of dollars here, maybe a couple of hundred at best. I enjoy seeing others earn their fair share, others might see it as sour grapes.


To be clear, I usually get splits also, I just don’t feel the need to broadcast it.
It is a personal choice. I think most are aware of when they do the splits, and can see when they are finished doing them as well.


That’s perfectly understandable when it’s get nothing this time, get a couple of hundred next time, but when you go several months on end with little to nothing to show for your efforts it can get quite depressing. I don’t begrudge anyone their “fair share.” I’m glad that it is paying off for them. They deserve it, but so do many others who work just as hard and have good ratings. It’s not “sour grapes” It’s “what am I doing wrong?” You may not understand that and that’s fine but it’s not nice to belittle others who are having a hard time.


Yeah i find it very discouraging to see the same people over and over again listing 100’s they win each and every split while those of us working just as hard get nothing, some of us being not as fortunate with getting in a good position to receive a split shall it even get there, certainly doesn’t seem to correlate to quality of entry’s( my CH rating is plenty high) i do notice that those that get a ton of splits each time usually has double the entries of what i have per win, Not sure what that says, but the fact is i think the majority of people do not get these high amounts and feel a little put off by it.


I posted on the first few cha-ching threads, because I felt it was important for everyone to get an idea of how the new systems works, particularly how small splits can be. But I haven’t posted the last few because I don’t feel there is a need for it anymore. But that’s just me; if someone wants to share what they received, just like sometimes people want to celebrate a big win, that’s their choice. As far as letting people know when the splits start, the system seems pretty predictable, so I’m not sure why we need that now.


[quote=“vegangirl, post:39, topic:2463”]
I usually get splits also, I just don’t feel the need to broadcast it.[/quote]
Me too, and I understand acknowledging that it was “working out” for us, when it was first implemented, but I think it’s a little insensitive to boast about wins, when others are feeling so down about not getting a split or two each pay period. :disappointed: