Cha-ching Jan 15


Here we go folks…good luck! Haven’t received any email yet, but splits are in my activity feed. So far one contest with no ratings at all…$100/ 4 way split


Thanks so much for posting this @LisaMac. I knew going into this chaching day that I don’t have much, if any, contests in the queue for splits so we’ll see what happens. Sometimes it’s hard to know which contests will be closed on chaching day. Good luck to everyone.


@Commulinks. This one wasn’t expected. CH Abandoned contest without rating anything. But it was a nice surprise.


Love when that happens!!!


Got my email… so mine are done anyway.
$50.90 net in 2 contests.
I guess I was hoping those 2 wouldn’t be abandoned… but I am grateful.


nada, didn’t get a piece in one where i had a love it too, Oh well Positive thoughts, OHMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!


@seezall - if it wasn’t shortlisted and there were shortlisted names, then you wouldn’t but you probably know that already (I’m saying this for others that wouldn’t know). It is so frustrating when that happens. I’ve had that issue, too.


$275 in 3 contests - this and the few wins this month so far have paid for my root canal, woo hoo :upside_down:


$157.04 (which is $174.49 less SquadHelp fees) from 8 contests. Thank you so much again SquadHelp :slight_smile:

Well done everyone else that achieved a split and fingers crossed for those that didn’t that they do well next time!


$121.67 in 5 splits… I was really hoping a few of those wouldn’t be splits, but, oh well, some is better than none.


I got one split for around 6 bucks. Congratulations everyone.


I received $18.75 in 1 split.
But I won $100 today to be like you all :0)


Nada, zip, zero. I had shortlists and loves aplenty. Where’s the salt for my wounds… :disappointed:
On the bright side, at least I don’t have the flu like so many who are suffering. Stay well and stay warm everyone. Texas is about to get crazy cold and icy ! :snowflake:


Some my own blues for You, LorinsEggshells

“Easy come, easy go” –
Said me often granddad.
Is it worth losing hope
If life seems to be bad?
Everyone choose his destiny himself
That’s why I am not sad.

I have no money
I wanna live.
I have no money
I wanna live.
I have no money, baby.
But-but-but I wanna live.


$37.50 for one split. I’ve seen better.

But on the the other hand, I FINALLY won a $300 contest! I honestly thought those were beyond my grasp, but I guess it can happen.


Welcome to our Arctic reality @LorinsEggshells. Sending love from frozen NYC. The big Apple has been in the big freeze since New Year’s Brrrrrrr


Oh Mary, bless your heart and your ears. Stay warm and watch a lot of netflix the next few weeks xo


That just means they haven’t been abandoned yet and there’s a chance you will win! If you are shortlisted, you will definitely get a split when “the time comes” for those!


Nothing for me either.Was surprised as 3 contests I’m shortlisted in have been closed for 1-2 months,but I know its not an exact science.Maybe next time.But like Genius Waitress…I too won a $300 contest today, so I am definitely doing a happy dance! :0). Marye5 sending you hugs and good wishes for a full and speedy recovery!


Upstate NY (like hello, Canada upstate) has been brutal!!