Cha-ching Dec 31


Won $14.28 split 1 contest. Good luck everyone and Happy New Year!


I think it’s still going? Not had an email yet.

Good luck everyone. A nice surprise to do this a little early! Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Edited to add: Email has arrived.
We are happy to let you know that you just received $228.04 in contest awards ($205.20 after SquadHelp fees) made up from 8 contests. Absolutely thrilled with that. Thanks SquadHelp.

Good luck to everyone else too.


I had $82.10 (net) from 5 contests. Happy New Year everyone!


Nothing here…again


Just got $105,59 from 5 contests but I’m happy! My kids are happy! My cats & dogs are happy!
And all of you - Happy New Year & be happy!


$167 out of 7 splits :slight_smile: That makes up for zero wins this month! Happy New Year, time to open a bottle of wine :thumbsup:


I’m right there with you …but optimistic …Happy New Year may it bring us all good cheer and happine$$ :grinning::grinning:


$160. Hell yeah! <33 Congrats creatives. :fallen_leaf:


by the way that was the (h) word-- I’m not that bold. ; )


I won 81.40 - Split 3 contests. Congratulations on all your wins and wins to come :slight_smile: