Cha-Ching! 31st Oct

$66.24 ($73.60 - 10% fee) from 5 contests for me this time. Thank you SH.

How did everyone else do? Good luck gang!

NOTE: I have not received an email (yet!). I’ve just noticed the awards in my activity feed. Check your feeds everyone!

EDITED TO ADD: Email just received.


$156.67 Gross, $141 net for me on 2 contests.

My average is now $128 per month, which is more than my average was under the previous system but that can change. I had a longer history on the previous system. Also, this cha-ching included a split that was just between me and another creative. Time will continue to tell but I am grateful. I also noted that Darpan said yesterday that the number of abandoned contests is starting to go down due to all that SH has done. So that will have an impact as well. I’d much rather win or have another contestant win than have splits.


Thats a great amount @Commulinks.

I like the winning of cash (obviously!) but I think I like the releasing of names more. I’ve had a few names tied up for a while that I could have used a few times.


$185.52 from split wins. Plus, I finally won a contest today. I was this close to having my worst month since joining, but with two wins, I’m back up to speed.

Happy Halloween! I’m going to be buying a lot of discount candy tomorrow.


Me too, @AbleBrands Able! It’s frustrating when that happens. I know we can always withdraw them but you just never know if a contest is going abandon or not!

@geniuswaitress Congratulations on your win! I had that problem last month too. And it makes you worry that you’ve lost your groove forever… but then it comes back. I’ve had a really good month this month compared to last month.


[quote=“geniuswaitress, post:4, topic:2384”]
Happy Halloween! I’m going to be buying a lot of discount candy tomorrow.[/quote]
LOL, GW - Now that was funny! :grinning:


I received $79.10 net from 4 splits. Three of them were healthy amounts, one was…not. BUT I have had an awesome month overall and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to compete here! No comparison to other sites I’ve tried. :slight_smile:


$100 won in split with no one. Had only shortlisted name.


Zero here…but these are some good amounts and that makes me happy :slightly_smiling_face: Congrats everyone!!


$21, my first earnings since I started back up a couple months ago. I’m so discouraged. It couldn’t have been this difficult to win a contest 4 months ago. My score is at an all time high and I can’t sink anything.

A contest got split today that had no business being abandoned. Would have loved to see anyone win that one-- the effort was topnotch. I just don’t get it.

Sidebar: how much do you need to make to transfer to your Paypal?

Congrats to those who did well this round! :bouquet:


It has to be $25 to send it paypal


$3.90 from one split, $3.50 after 10%. Dollars and cents. :moneybag::ok_woman:

Congrats to everyone else…


What a bad month last month! Whew! Im back in the black. $6.75 goes to this girl over here! Making me richer than I was this morning :grin: I’ll take it! I’m counting my good graces for winning two this month. I was in such a bad rut, frustration really almost took me down.

Just keep swimming everyone! :fish:


Say there is a $100 abandoned contest and only 2 CHs had Loves. CH A had one Love, CH B had 5 loves.

Under the rules CH A and CH B would each get $50? The extra Loves for CH B wouldn’t factor in?

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I don’t think extra loves impact the chaching, WL. I was searching for the new rules about abandons and I was only able to find the old rules. (It is so hard to find things like this).

Somewhere here in the forum, Grant posted the new rules on abandons also.

So my answer is based solely on what I have seen the abandons do since they started the new way. Equal splits among all contestants regardless of number of loves/likes or shortlists.

Edit after original post: I found the most recent rules…


This is the update in the FAQs as well which includes other important information. Teamwork :slight_smile:


I do agree with the more loves shortlisted the bigger the split should be

@wordLabyrinth The cha-ching splits are split between the number of creatives not loves/shortlist. It doesn’t matter how many loves you have…you get one share of the prize

66.67 $. Yeah, not creepy at all.


[quote=“Tina91, post:19, topic:2384, full:true”]
66.67 $. Yeah, not creepy at all.[/quote]

LOL, Tina - At least it wasn’t $66.6 :open_mouth: