CH threats to block - NOT COOL

Dear SH:
While we creatives have tons of rules we have to follow for decorum in contests, it would be lovely if CHs had more. One that is particularly necessary: CHs should not be allowed to THREATEN creatives with blocking in public messages.

Customers should be expected to maintain decorum. It is not only unproductive but also extremely discouraging to creatives to be told we will be blocked if we do not do xyz.


On the one hand I agree, on the other it is nice to be warned upfront which contests to avoid.

And I still want to see a Contest Stat added listing the number of creatives blocked.


I agree with the stat, as I have in the past. And I also agree with more rules. With all the rules that we have to adhere to, I once again propose that there be rules on that blocking function/ability as well as an alert system and stat system as well. The way it is now is very crudely developed, operated, and used. It allows for too many things that don’t constitute as fair especially with the penalties that it carries. Please SH, review this function and ability … make it so there is actual reasoning provided as to why this feature is being utilized, maybe make it not able to be done until a strike system or feedback system is used via the CH with each penalized creative to mitigate it being so loosely and lightly used, and please allow those that are affected by this system (the creatives) to know when this has happened not only to themselves but in the contests it has happened and how many it has happened to. Transparency and fairness, please.


Couldn’t agree more. While I understand that customers are those that pay money, we have to acknowledge that creatives are those that generate profit, so rules shouldn’t be more strict for either party, and right now it feels that rules exist just for creatives. I already talked about one CH who admitted he registered a domain I suggested, without compensation, but is still allowed to open contests. Threatening with blocking creatives is a big red flag for me and I never participate those contests. Same with unawarded contests and too many registered names.


I’m like 99 percent sure I know where this is directed at- but my take away was this. Since they’re a seasoned customer… it’s a power move on their part. I’m trying to ignore it… since they are a repeat customer, I try to value their trust in our platform.

If it was a one-off newbie or had a track of abandoning I think I’d feel a bit different.

Edit- In no way do I agree with their statement- just the way I’m trying to rationalize.

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I totally agree with you, I don’t think this is something that should be allowed, I saw the message and I just decided to ignore that contest. I’m really new on SquadHelp and I’m still learning how things works here, I’m also trying to improve my entries and participating in all the contests I can since I’m not TIER A yet, BUT, I do decided to ignore that Contest because of that attitude, that was definitely not cool, I hope he can find an awesome name, but I will not submit any more entries.


Repeat customers with half their contests cancelled or abandoned do not foster trust.