CH Stats disappeared


Is it just me or SH removed CH stats? That is the only way for us to vet the CH and decide if we want to participate his contest or not. Some CHs have bunch of abandoned contests, too many reported registered domains etc and now there is no way to check that.


It’s still showing for me. I even just did a double check for you. Maybe log out of SH, clear cache of your browser and then restart your browser? Sometimes these little hiccups happen to me when I’m on the PC and I have to do all the aforementioned and then once I log in after doing it, it’s fixed. If not, then I know to BB it.


Thank you for checking, I already tried that, no luck. Blue buttoned it.
Just tried it on Edge (God forbid) and it’s the same
Same for mobile


Maybe it’s just that particular contest. I’m thinking maybe the tab only shows up when there is something to be listed there. So if the CH has had prior contests, the tab will show up to list those contests. Otherwise, the tab will not be there, because there is nothing to list.

Edited to add:

The above would make sense even more considering that that particular CH has only been a member since Sept. 4th. With this, it’s all very likely possible that the particular contest from which you’re seeing them in, is their only contest.


nope, every ch is affected, wondering if it’s only me :slight_smile:


See, I have the Account Summary and the Contests tab, is it the contests tab that you’re looking for? Or was there a stats tab as well that I didn’t know about that I am also missing?


Contests tab, I call it stats since I check CH contest stats if he had previous contests, and I couldn’t remember what it was called.


I wrote about this earlier. Now you need to have 2,000 points in your account so that this tab is visible. It is a pity that such a measure has not been revised, it is very interfering with work when there are not enough points.


that’s it. I used to have 30.000+ points a while ago so I never thought about it, but renewals and boosts took their toll.