CH star ratings

On what basis are CH given star ratings?

@Demiurge, It’s sleepy in Chicago, so if you can be satisfied with an interim answer, it’s down to CH activity level and feedback.

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Wow you are a diehard

Thanks for replying so late/early maybe you could elaborate after the sandman finishes his shift :slight_smile:

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@Demiurge, by then i’d rather pass the microphone to @Dan :wink:

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To late eh @vision thanks anywhoo

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based on how many ratings they give out - there may be other factors, you will notice no ratings gets a low score :wink:

@jose ok cool I’ll look out for it , still getting the hang of things

@Demiurge, From what is visible (in addition to private entry comments that are obscured from the public) it’s a combination of the percentage of rated entries and CH comments (in two similar cases of the same rating percentage, the difference in the number of the comments posted on the contest page resulted in a higher rating).

As per Tips to Contest Holders:

Stars: ‘’ Your Feedback Score: As you rate entries, and provide feedback to contestants, your own rating automatically improves. Several high quality contestants only participate in those contests where the contest holder’s feedback rating is very high. Therefore, providing ongoing feedback not only helps improve the quality of submissions, it also attracts other high quality contestants to your contest.’’

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