CH registering Instant Recommendations

@Dan @grant What is in place to stop CHs looking at Instant Recommendations, not bringing them into the contest but registering them please?

If we report a registration. Is it checked against all contest holders or just the contest we report it against?


Our Terms of Service do not allow Contest Holders to register names from any contest without compensation - including the names that are shown in Instant Recommendations. However, if there’s no Who Is match, we only follow up on the domain registration if the entry was submitted to a contest or imported from Instant Recommendations during past days.


@grant Are there other ways besides the CH’s name that SH uses to determine if the CH registered a domain? I ask because it seems like the CH use screen names/handles on SH contests, but registrations usually have a legal name or anonymously. I’ve had over 50 names registered, 90% were anonymous and 100% claimed no registrations and no compensation. What should I be looking for in the whois info besides the name? If it is anonymous/different name than the CH, should I even report it?


Hi LisaMac,

We compare the Who Is details with our customer records, which may contain more information than their public profile.

We will conclude that there is not a Who Is match if the information on the who is records does not match the CH’s or if the domain is registered privately.

You can read more about our role and process here:

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Some creatives may not be aware that the forum is open to all registered users of SH, including CHs. With all due respect to creatives and our frustrations, I sincerely ask you to stop talking about this subject and consider deleting posts that provide insight and instruction about domain registering. Thanks.


Suggestion: This is unfortunately a real issue instead of quashing a creatives ability to openly discuss it wouldn’t it be wiser to create a “creatives only” section to address such concerns? That way it’s not open to public eyes and individuals don’t end up taking those conversations, questions & frustrations offsite? Just a thought, if this is better for the suggestions thread I’d be happy to move it, just let me know!


Excellent idea, Lynn. I thought maybe the Senior’s Lounge would be the place but it’s not open to the newbies until they reach a certain posting status. So that’s out. I think a ‘creatives only’ place would work great.


Yes, that has been brought up many times and I wish it existed for sure. In the mean time, if we want to stop these things from happening, then telling people how to do it is counter productive. I’m not sure how talking is going to solve the problem,either. My message was not about quashing. It was about protecting my intellectual property and others as well in the only way we can control.


Thanks to everyone for understanding what I meant and making changes. I meant it for the protection of all.

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What I think going forward many creatives are concerned about IP Intelectual Property … The CH pays the fee we submit Ideas as we have RESEARCED industry standards to better unerstand each contest to provide quality submissions… I Could love to hav eon goining info to help me understand etc more difficult riding trails