CH public messages stopped coming through to my email

Hi all! Am I the only one who stopped getting CH public messages notifications to my email? I can see them only after opening a contest page. It is very uncomfortable to work when you have to enter every single contest to see if there are any comments from CH. Is it possible to fix it somehow? I have already contacted the support team twice, but there has been no result for more than a week :frowning:


check your settings(bell icon), see if both Email and Browser Push Notifications are Checked.

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No dear- its been weeks for me.

I just frantically found several contests I was missing out on…

I finally Blue Buttoned yesterday and they’ve been working on it apparently.


All my Email and Browser Push Notifications are activated. I’m getting all notifications from SH with the exception of CH public messages.

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I thought I was the only one.

I even asked the BB Team to change my e-mail address.
CH public messages are not coming through.

P.S. Mercury retrograde, September 9 to October 2. :crystal_ball:


Same situation for me. Hopefully they are working on it. :grinning:

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