CH or most anyone has free access to full resolution images, free to steal/download

This is actually TWO bugs in one. When submitting images/logos, this occurs. AFTER submitting the image, the designer or contest holder or others if not a closed/private bid…

  1. You can see a thumbnail of the image submitted. When you LEFT CLICK that, it opens a somewhat larger window BUT… THAT WINDOW cuts off the bottom half of the image.

and now the biggie…

  1. If anyone right clicks that image inside the new window, the standard menu opens. If they select OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB or WINDOW… the browser does exactly that. only it’s the FULL RESOLUTION IMAGE, available to freely download by the CH or anyone else to steal and use as they see fit. There’s no protection here… none. Not even a watermark. Nothing.

Unfortunately, being a fairly new user, your system won’t let me upload screenshots I just took.

This is bad for the contestants/designers and should be remedied right away.

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Thanks for the feedback. We have fixed the first issue (image being cut off). You might need to refresh your browser to see the fix.

On the second point, couple of clarifications: First, all contests are private. This means other creatives can not see your uploaded logos. Second, several creatives upload their initial logos in low resolution or with watermark embedded. You do not need to upload high resolution logos as you submit the entry to the contest, and you are free to include any watermark of your choice to ensure that the image does not get copied. You are only required to upload the final high resolution files if you win the contest.

We will look into inserting watermarks in the images automatically however several creatives prefer that the CH see their logos without the watermark because they don’t want the watermark to take anything away from their design. Therefore, we have left it to the discretion of the creatives in deciding whether or not they want to upload images in lower resolution and/ or with watermark.

We will work on disabling “right click” for images so that they can not be saved or opened in a new window easily.

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