CH education suggestion

I just learned from a really nice CH that they think that we can all see the comments they make on other’s individual submissions and that we can see the other names. This has happened a lot recently along with CHs reporting their favorite names in messages. I suggest that SH use popups to give CHs tips and reminders such as “creatives cannot see the submissions of others nor other name entries”



@Commulinks. I always get this feeling when they rate a handful of names and mention that this gives us direction…thinking that we can see the names they have rated.


@ChristyMay, That’s probably the case, although I feel it’s unfair to the other creatives who came up with the names, and were first to connect with what the CH is looking for in a name.

Many times the ch’s, whom obviously read the contest rules, will after a time, communicate what they have liked in a name thus far. And then will usually give further direction, i.e.: so far…I’m am liking the shorter names, names that are more vague, or I’m not liking the made up names can we try more combos or compound such as facebook, snapchat and so on.

@Commulinks, I like the pop up idea, perhaps the pop up reminder could automatically appear as soon as the contest opens.

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@Commulinks - We are working on Just In Time Contest Holder education (popups). These are two good thoughts to include.

Please also note that we encourage you to report any names being shared publicly by a CH. We will work quickly to remove these names and contact the CH.

@Kral - In another post we announced our new CH dashboard. This is very similar to your idea of having popups at the start of a contest. CHs are taken directly to this dashboard, which visually encourages ratings, public messages, and more.


Awesome, Grant! Yeah, I have been reporting a lot of shared names lately and I would love it if others did, too.