CH comments repeating every 5 minutes

Getting bombed in my email every 5 minutes with the same comment from the Health Coaching business. This has been happening in a lot of contests lately…is it a glitch?


Same here. Think I will temporarily change my email preference.

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Same… although it seems to have stopped. (Knock on wood)

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Ch comments are repeating over and over on another contest again! Can’t something be done?

I disabled my email alerts@ least until the glitch is corrected.,or whatever is causing the repeats.

@Dan…CH comment emails are still being sent multiple times.I just got 8 repeats of the same message in my email.Can something be done to fix this,please? Thanks!

@Dan, speaking of repeating, I have had several situations where I go back to my “entries” tab and find that one of my entries has turned in to a quadruplet. If you were to look at my entry page on the “aggregation” contest you will see this strange phenomenon. In the past I’ve just gone ahead and deleted the extras, but I suppose it’s time to tell you so maybe we can get it to stop happening. Best regards…

@hollygirl, we are working on fixing this issue and expect that this will be resolved no later than Wednesday.

@CherryPopNames, we will look into the issue you pointed out and resolve it soon.

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Update: We have fixed the duplicate comment issue.


Many thanks,Dan! You’re the best!

I thought it was fixed…but I just got 3 duplicate emails from a CH with the wine contest.Dang!

@Dan Emails are duplicating again…just got 8 duplicate emails from the Pet contest.Can you look into this again, please? Thanks.


They won’t stop…I’m up to 12 now…


I just want to make sure this isn’t related to my account only…I have been getting a ton of repeat messages…

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Its not you. …me too!
I’m up to 9 in the last 40 mins from New graduate contest

Sorry about the duplicate emails. Even though we had fixed the main issue, it appears there is still a related issue that causes this problem. We will fix it soon.

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Thank you…I’m up to 19 now lol

We (think!) we have finally fixed the issue. If it happens again, please let us know. Sorry about the multiple emails.


Thank you Annie! You’re what democracy demands.