CH comments not coming to email

I mentioned this somewhere else a while ago but it still hasn’t been resolved so I am opening this topic. We are no longer receiving CH comments to our entries by email. I think this change happened when the notifications were turned off on the new “reasons” dropdown list for CHs. So now we don’t get the other handwritten comments by CHs either. I relied on those emails to make me log in to SH when I got comments from CHs. Can we have that back, please? I check my emails very often when I am doing something else. A comment from a CH asking for a tweak almost always gets me right back to them when I don’t have SH open all the time.


I wish we could get all of our messages within the SH platform. Messages on our individual entries and messages to the contests. Right now I am getting messages on the contests by e-mail and then messages on my entries within the platform. I think it would be easier to have the messages all available to us on the platform with the option of getting them e-mailed to us personally. But I do LOVE the identification number with each contest. This helps me SO much. :slight_smile:

Is anyone else getting PUSH notifications… I am somehow and absolutely love it… it comes to my desk top only… and not to my phone.

I allow push notifications, but it doesn’t work all the time. Nor does my emails. Only thing I get notified for is when a contest as unpaused or been extended. I’ve checked my preferrence theres only 3 options. I don’t understand it at all. There’s an option that has yes/ no. .I assume if I click no it will turn off all messages. I really liked the original preferrence options.


Many ‘entry comments’ are going to junk email for me. The title used to say ‘messenger’ but now its squadhelp notific…so makes it more difficult to distinguish between group or entry comments. Its all good though. Just check junk folders

Unfortunately, because of the way I handle my email, that is not possible but thanks.

You don’t have a spam/junk folder? Or do you just not know where it is?

i would welcome no e mails at all and the option to read everything related to squadhelp in our mail box on here.Sometimes there is overkill and sometimes nothing at all


No I don’t. I’m using network solutions email platform and I went to look for it and it is not there.

I looked these up for you, apparently NS doesn’t believe that customers want to see spam and they believe that their spam filtering only filters actual spam but others are having the same issues as you. I suggest reading this link (if I have the right email) and seeing if they may help you filter SH messages and whitelist them to be able to see them. I don’t know anything about NS but this is just my trying to help and see if it may work for you. If nothing else I would contact NS if this doesn’t help and tell them the issue and see if they can help you rectify it.

You’re such a doll, @rareworthy. Thank you for going through the trouble for me. This stuff is such a pain that don’t take the time to fix it. I think I will need the email address they are coming from to do anything. Do you know what it is?

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Those are all the ones I have whitelisted and set to filter so none get deleted. That should be all of them except for other admin that I have yet to speak to. And don’t worry about thanking me, I am used to helping people try to fix problems and I like helping. :slight_smile: :heart:

P.S. may want to add too :slight_smile:

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I’ll thank you if I want to! :grin::sweat_smile: You’re the bomb.

Here’s the thing: I have no problem getting any emails from SH except the comments on my entries from CHs. Those just stopped all of a sudden. I get all the others. I thought this happened because SH stopped sending the messages on the NTY reasons lists. So the ones I do get now are from notification@ and messenger@ (and all the others). But is there a different one for just the comments on entries from CHs? Is everyone else getting the comments on entries in their inboxes or am I the only one who isn’t?

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You’re too sweet, thank you. I’m getting the comments on entries from CHs from the notification@, so I am not sure what is going on.

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My notifications are coming back now… it’s not all of them but some are. I didn’t make any changes to make that happen so I wanted to thank SH for working on this if that is what you did!