Ccan you confirm the cancellation of the Australian Athletic wear?

I can’t see it this morning in my pending contests. It was not a guaranteed prize (150), and they said they hadn’t found a name during the contest. However after it ended, they upgraded my 3 star (of which there were only 3 star rateto one of two 4 stars. This gave me a little hope they they would pick one of the two.


this one ? you can see canceled contests with the filter button on the LEFT

It is bad enough that the contest holder rated almost all entries 2 stars. And now he cancels the contest.


Ahh thanks Jose. Never noticed that before!

Lightless: Yeah definitely sucks when some contests are so hard to get close to a desired name. That makes two 150 non guaranteed contests I was trending on (but cancelled), in the last couple of weeks. Guess I should probably shy away from those kind of contests:)

Well that is interesting. I went back and checked and one of my names has been taken. And it’s not one that would be a common one.

I think he changed the domain to .com, therefore australian ones are showing as not available

mine was the same - I checked both our names and they are still available according to the australian registration site

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@LorinRyle I just checked on another Whois site. is still available.

If you look carefully it says “Taken .com” and not

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