Categories Revisited

One of the top priorities to improve SH platform and increase conversions, is continuous optimization on search performance. It is a well known fact for any search derived platform is that more relevant search results leads to more conversions and lower cost / conversion.

SH AI is doing a decent job but it is still not mature enough in my opinion due to other elements in the platform that are lacking, an AI needs strong signals to learn from, and these signal in our case are “Name”, “Description”, “Root Words” and “Categories”. However due to many factors these signals are not reliable all the time because descriptions tend to be confusing for the AI. For example if domain is about “Decors” but the name is general then the author will put in the description all possible uses such as “decor, beauty, App, clothes…etc” and thus AI ranking will not be accurate.

Better approach in my opinion is to simplify things for the AI by relating the “words” in the search to the main “categories” as #1 ranking signal, then using other data such as (description, root words) as a secondary ranking modifiers. For example if someone is searching for the word “building” then domains belonging to “construction” category should be ranked higher, followed by domains related to “Real Estate”,…etc. After initial ranking then description and root word modifiers can be used to adjust the sorted results more.

For this I think the most important thing ever for SH to do is to optimize categories to the extreme, they must do extensive research and data evaluation on what categories to add, what to remove, what to merge…etc. And that should be based on users behavior, search keywords data and historical sales.

I have looked at the categories and I have the following suggestions:

Abstract / General Category

Inspired from this excellent article in SH blog I believe it is important to have a separate category for Abstract names, this category can be called “Abstract” or “General”… or whatever suitable.

Why this category is important? because there are many abstract names with broad usage and can work for almost any business! for example think about “Amazon” this name can work for almost any business type (Tech, Retail, Travel, Cafe, Green, Organic, Drink, Gardening, Hotel Name,…etc). I have some domains in my portfolio that I had hard time classifying because they are too abstract which gave me headache in deciding which categories to chose (I ended up writing many possible uses in the description).

The benefit of this category in my opinion is that some companies maybe looking exactly for Abstract names that are not related to anything, surely there is the “MadeUp” names filter, but that is not enough, because many abstract names are “real words” or “blends” or “play on word”. Also showing a separate “Abstract” category will be beneficial in drawing users attention to it while they are searching.

Graphics Design
This category is a must in my opinion and should be added as a separate category. There are many contests opening every day from Graphic Design companies. and I feel the “Internet, Tech, Software” is too broad to be used for Graphics Design (ex: too many irrelevant names will show up).

Software & Coding Category
Should be also a separate Category because it is a huge field by itself. SAAS is huge industry and it comes perfectly under this category. Coding & programming is also a huge industry and deserves having a strong category for it.

Tech Category
Deserves to be a separate Category

Internet & Networking
Internet should be a separate category and Networking should be included with it!

Marketing & Sales + Marketing and Advertising
These 2 categories are almost redundant to each other and should be merged in one category!

Games & Recreational
Is confused with “Gaming” category and should be renamed to “Recreational & Hobbies” IMO.
Gaming category should be the only category for video games

There is no category suitable for “Cafes” so I suggest to change this category to “Cafes & Restaurants”.

Deserves a separate category in my opinion

Internet of Things (IOT)
Should be removed if “Internet and Networking” category is added

Payment + Payroll
Can be combined together

Deserves a separate category

Social & Networking
Should be changed to Social Networking!

Medical & Dental
Should be renamed to just “Medical” because there is separate category called “Dental” which is confusing redundancy!

Event Planning & Services + Events & Conferences
Should be merged in one category

Finance + Fintech (Finance Technology)
Should be merged in one category called “Finance & Fintech”

Food Truck
I am not sure why this is a separate category! should be removed in my opinion because it is covered by “Food & Drink” and “Catering”.

Home & Garden
Should be renamed to just “Garden” because we have “Home” category

These are my suggestions, please feel free to share your suggestions and feedback.


I appreciate the time and effort you put into your suggestion, but the categories have already been adjusted multiple times and I really do not think they need to be revisited again. I would not be opposed to the addition of a crafts and hobbies category or a graphic design category, but I personally would prefer the other existing categories be left alone.


I believe categories update will benefit you and all of us. Not necessarily from my suggestions but from community suggestions or SH team own research. The main purpose of this thread is to encourage SH team to look into optimizing categories because at current state they are far from being optimized.

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You’re seeming to want categories to be more refined, though. A lot of is have a lot of names that shouldn’t be ‘locked into’ too specific of categories because honestly they could work for a lot of things. Many of us have learned this from contest submission by other creatives. Our names can often be seen differently by others than we do. Sometimes people see things we didn’t even think of at the time. Locking names too hard into specific categories and refining those categories to do what you say really can complicate things. Names are already so hard to find as it is especially with the market growing everyday. Most names in marketplace will not be sold in the three year period that is used. Some names take years to sell. I think allowing the categories to be as they are and used more broadly where need be and more selective and specific where need be is the best route. We’ve discussed this all in the past and changes have been made to what it is now. Compared to what it used to be there is a lot more option. I think there may be some things that can be added, sure, but search optimization becoming too specific could be a very narrowing scope and create a lot more negative outcomes. Names are already so buried and hard to find as it is and optimizing would be good but when you go too specific you ensure that so many names could be overlooked or not included. There’s too many factors to this to actually make it be beneficial like to propose and the event of there being possible consequence because of factors making things too complicated is too high. I would just leave it alone.


Actually if you go through my list you will find that there are:
6 new (+6 categories)
4 merges (-4 categories)
2 removals (-2 categories)
5 renaming (no change)

We have +6 & -6 so total number of categories is not changed. This is actually rearranging of categories (and refining as you said).

I see your point that broad categories can be good but too broad in my opinion can be bad, similarly too narrow is also bad, the categories should be tuned just right.


I will support regarding abstract names. When customers ask to submit them in contests, we do it ourselves. But when a client enters the SH domain marketpkace, it is difficult for him to find them right away. In our time, when names have been invented for everything, it is very difficult to find an abstract meaningless word. This names must be separated into a separate category!


Adding categories shouldn’t be a problem, if there really is a need. But changing categories, merging or renaming them will mean everyone will need to check and possibly recategorize their names if the new selections no longer properly suit their names. What about those who have paid for expert classifications? I doubt they want to redo them. And I agree with @rareworthy, making the categories too narrow will hurt more than help.


If the change is beneficial then I wouldn’t mind going through all my domains and update categories.
SH team can also do most of the changes programmatically without the need for us to modify anything, for example a simple code can be used for merged or renamed categories. Only new categories will need manual change by us.

People by nature resist change even if it is for their benefit, however we live in a dynamic world and any business must adapt with changes to survive. I admire SH for their continuous creativity and adaptation, they use a very wise approach (that not many companies implement) which is lean approach based on community & customer feedback, I encourage SH team to more focus on the lean approach (continuous improvement) because it is in my opinion the only way to compete and success for any modern company.

I don’t want to go through all my domains and redo the classification, so please don’t change the existing categories!!!

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Thanks for the feedback.

We do not plan to change the existing categories at this point, but will likely add few additional categories that are currently missing. We are also considering the possibility of adding “second level” categories as an additional option .


@grant can you please change “Company & Organizations - Industrial Companies” category back to “Constructions & Architect”?

It is a confusing long name for this category, especially for end users, also this category has one only one sub category “Architect” so no need to include “Industrial” in it because we already have “Manufacturing & Industrial” category.

Also can you please tell us if you are considering adding an “Abstract/General” category? There are many names that do not fit in any category, like generic names (ex: Amazon) which can be used for any business type, so I think it will be beneficial for both sellers & buyers to have this new category.



Categories are very important for exposure, so please give more priority on improving them,

There are several issues in categories filtering when browsing the main SH marketplace :

1- Accessibility
Not all categories are accessible, I cannot find “Pets”, “Gaming”… and other categories. The user needs to search to find these categories, this is not good because it is not always clear what you need to type exactly to find what you are looking for. for example someone might be searching for “Video Games” instead of “Gaming”… I think you got my point.

Hidden categorizes in this vital website section which is the main entry to our domain means that big chunk of our domains are buried when someone is filtering by category. and it means that we have less exposure to our domains in these hidden categories.

2- Duplicate or unused categories
Second issue is that it seems there are some categories that exists but you cannot assign them to your domains. For example I discovered this category “Health, Medical, Dental”, this category cannot be selected in your domain settings, but it still exists in the marketplace.

3- Sorting

The way categories are sortied (not alphabetically) makes it hard to find what you are looking for. For example if you are looking for “Oil & Gas” you need to go throw all the list instead of jumping to letter “O” names. I understand the benefit of showing most popular categories first which is totally logical, but it will not harm if you provide a simple “A->Z” button for those who want that.

4- Inefficient UI

UI for category selecting needs rework, why do categories need to occupy 3 page scrolls in the left filter panel, while there are plenty of alternative UI options?

I suggest to use “drop down list” style for category selection. To enable multiple selections you can simply use the following style:


BTW this is what you already implement in “possible uses” and “emotions” selection in domain edit.

Another method I saw implemented in other website is showing a popup for selecting an item from a big list.