Categories disappearing

I know this was reported before in another string I could not find but I want to report that categories keep disappearing from my marketplace names. I have found 3 so far but I only check them if I think there might be a problem.

Addition to original post: When I pull up the names that are missing possible uses categories by the domain name, they are there. But they are not in my dashboard. So far, it is more than 28% of my names. I have BBd


You can download all of your names using Google Sheets (see button in

Then you can quickly and easily see what fields are missing in all of your names. You can fill it in and reupload or just go and fill in any blanks manually.


Thanks so much. I am going to see what SH says before I do one more minute of work.


@ Commulinks I‘ve been reporting and BB-ing this from the end of May(sorry for the late response – I was on holiday for 3 weeks with limited access to the internet :smiley:) In addition to the described issue: during 2.5 months I’ve found out that possible uses KEEP disappearing in a random manner despite my re-entering it. Constant checking is time consuming but ‘Visibility/ Searchability is important so I keep on doing it. I don’t know how many creatives are willing to do the same or how many are actually facing this.