Can't sub marketplace name in premium contests...anyone else?

I have blue buttoned this problem but I wanted to ask everyone else if you are having the problem or if it is just me. When I try to sub marketplace names in contests that accept premium domains, the system only recognizes it as an owned domain, not a marketplace name. So I can’t sub them because it does not give the right info to the CHs. Anyone else?


@Commulinks Yeah, I noticed it too. I think it only happens with some names, not all of them. After I removed the name from the owned domains, I was able to submit it as a premium. But SH should probably look into it.

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I have had the same problem as well, I entered them anyway (as instructed) and noticed they showed as premium domains on the entry page. I know SH is working on it.


SH told me this is fixed now. This was happening on marketplace names.