Can't see Hidden Entries in contests?

Since the update, it seems we have lost the ability to see any entries that the CH has ‘hidden’. (if it’s there I can’t find it) I can see my total number of entries and the ones that were rated and unrated and the numbers don’t add up which leads me to believe the CH has hidden them.
Since I often submit multiple entries and to be honest, can’t remember every one, I’d like to have the ability to see the hidden entries, to figure out what about it caused the CH to hide it.

Any chance we can get that feature back?


Thanks for bringing that up, @Annie. I feel the same- but under the old site, any more than the first “pg” of names would never load, so if it was a long contest, (or Someone had directed the CH to “delete” all names- but not to rate :flushed: ) it would get frustrating. If we could see All the deleted names, that would be sweet. Also- could we see our Own deleted entries-(& I’m wondering if those are able to be re-entered by someone else if We w/draw them as well)?
{maybe that should be linked topic?}

I just mean our Own deleted names, of course :blush:

If you delete an entry (maybe you got a 1 star on it) and someone else enters it, it must be frustrating for the CH to see repeated entries. I know I have deleted and re-entered the same name, but not sure if that name is then specific to the creative or once you delete it becomes free game?

@Dan Is this scenario possible?

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Hey! There is a notice now & "down " arrow, which opened up the ones hidden by the CHs- Works now!

Look below, @Annie-(thot I was just replyinghere on that one) Works now!

Happened again- I just got a warning /suggestion box @Dan, but I can’t reply to the individual post- is showing up as new post. I want to see if Ican reply to myself, on purpose.

Trying again- should show up under my post, if it’s working

@whirlwind, if you reply by clicking on the Reply button immediately below the entry (not the one at the end of topic), it should work as a reply to the original post. The entries do not show as “indented” so it is a bit confusing because it looks as if you responded to the whole topic. We will work on fixing this.

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I’m having this problem right now in the Global Economic Development contest. I seem to be missing the amazing ratings bonanza that many contestants have experienced there, but along with that, the CH has hidden nearly all my entries so that I wouldn’t get notifications even if updates were made to this contest. I think he has enough to choose from, but could we ask CHs in the future not to hide every entry? Thanks!

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