Can't Backspace/Delete Entries, Have to Start Over :-(

I’ve been experiencing something weird in the past few days, where when entering a name and it’s taken or otherwise needs to be deleted, nothing happens. Usually, if a typo, you can backspace and correct, this won;t work either. I have to actually click on the ‘X’ to close the entry form, then start over. When I enter a bunch of names (.com or otherwise) and it’s taken, it takes forever going back & forth and starting over. Help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep - Me too! - Previously, I could just backspace or hit delete, but that doesn’t work any more. Also, I’m noticing double entries once in a while too - Wassup? :open_mouth:

Glad (kinda) that it’s not just me, at least I know my laptop/keyboard isn’t fritzing out lol

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same here guyz, same here… the double entries issue has been pissing me off.

Same here! I’ve typed a few and found that the typing was out of sequence. This happened a few times, like the cursor moved independently.

Throwing my name in the hat, also. Cannot delete, backspace, back arrow. heavy sigh

Okay since no one else has responded to this to try to help, I will try to do so. I assume you all are using computer, right? It would be helpful to know what browser(s) this may be affecting.Either way, I don’t think everyone is having this issue, at least yet. I know that when I entered a contest yesterday, it didn’t do it to me. But, I have also cleared my cache since all of these changes have taken place. I’m no expert, nor staff, but what I can recommend is clean your browser cache and also make sure your browser doesn’t have an update. After doing this make sure you restart the browser and then log in and see if this has corrected anything. If not, then leave a message here and also bubble the staff so they can get tech support on the issue and monitor it for you.

Hope this helps. :coffee:


Thanks, will try. Just FYI, though, I use laptop, tablet, and phone, depending on when, where I am. :slight_smile: Have found issues on all.

Hi everyone!

I will notify our tech team and have them look into this issue. If you could let me know what browser you are using and send a screenshot of your screen when this problem occurs we can solve this issue for you. The quickest way to message me is using the chat on


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