Cancelled contest

Hi team,

Can you confirm $200 software contest has been cancelled. I can’t remember the exact name of it and I can’t see it any longer.

It was weird that he only rated 7 entries, with one 4 star (being mine) then stopped.

Ahh SUX.

Yes Jose taught me where to find the cancelled contests on the main naming page (you can click active or cancelled contests and so on). You definitely looked like the clear winner! I have had 2 cancelled (weren’t guaranteed either) in the last month where I was in top 2 and 3 names. The lesson I learned was not to bother investing much time into those comps, because this happens!! Not to say that you shouldn’t :slight_smile:

Oh sweet thanks mate. Yeah sucks big time. I’m starting to lose interest in non guarantees. I think I’ve seen one awarded since I’ve been here

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