Can we stop 'Seen but not rated' comments?

Every contest, it seems someone … anyone has to make a comment or a question about this if not MULTIPLE. I realize that it may be more aggravating as a creative given that we see them literally all of the time in every contest almost. But, I worry about the response it draws sometimes. I wonder sometimes if it has influenced the way that CHs rate, don’t rate, if they drop out and abandon, etc. We never know, so of course, it is a concern.

Last I was aware, comments or questions about seen but not rated entries was not allowed. Maybe this has changed? Will someone let me know if this is the case?

Either way, whether it is or isn’t allowed … I don’t think that it should be. We’ve over and over again had it explained to us that CHs all have different styles, different timing issues, different factors that can play into this. I feel we should take these explanations and just let things be and see what happens. I would rather, in any and EVERY case not get a rating at all versus getting a bad rating at all or especially one that may have been influenced because the CH feels that they were hurried or pushed into taking action because creatives cannot be patient.

I understand the point that some have limited entries, some want to know where they stand, and all the arguments that can be brought to the table. But, it is something we ALL have to incur and deal with. How can we be sure that the people that ask aren’t getting more favorable or even less favorable treatment because they have asked? It is something we cannot guarantee any of the three ways whether it impacts positively, negatively, or not at all.

This has been brought up a couple of times but I feel something really should be done about it. Many of us are reading rules and policies, rereading rules and policies and expectations contained in briefs, and doing all that we can to meet CHs standards, meet SHs standards/policies/rules and a lot of us are mitigating the occasion issues here and there and still fully supporting SH even though it may be tough from time to time. But those that are trying versus those that don’t know or don’t try is making a divide. I just want everyone to have a fair shot and that includes the CHs on being able to do what they need or want to do. If we’ve had to acknowledge that things can be problems for the CH at times due to various factors … can we make it an overall recognition and acknowledgment that seeing these comments/questions can add even more issues and factors and maybe a sitewide understanding should be reached about this?

We cannot be sure how comments/questions like these can impact each individual person/entity and may make things fair for one, unfair for another, or may impact all of us when we wouldn’t want for such. That, to me, is unfair for creatives but unfair to CHs as well. Please… can we please… let CHs do what they have to do? If you’re limited … go elsewhere or withdraw and enter more. Do what you have to do, but let the CH do what they have to do or feel they are comfortable with.


I totally agree with you @rareworthy. In addition to what you just said, there seems to be a growing trend where some very few creatives feel they must say or ask something of the CH, even if whatever it is they are asking about us there in “black and white” in the brief; in essence, trying to also create a running commentary or worse, short of asking the CH for the actual " answer ". I, as well, get the feeling that these are tactics to draw the CHs attention to themselves and might or could influence ratings to their favour. God alone knows what they comment in their entries. I hope I haven’t broken any rules with this post, but I feel it is a concern and needs looking into. If creatives feel bothered by this, so much am sure, do the CHs


I went back into the articles … sure enough, there’s two articles that can apply

The second applies, in my opinion, because it’s a message of any type. Public or private, messages are to and should follow certain rules or risk action from SH. And while I take faith that SH does if and when it is caught… My point of bringing it up is to not only remind OLD and NEW creatives of this, but hopefully maybe iron out a way that this can be handled. Can we suggest there be a popup? Can we suggest that creatives have to read through help articles at certain intervals? Do we report ALL of these occurrences until the idea is finally understood? Do we BB for each contest?

I don’t know. It seems like we’re having to create a lot more work just because the rules are not known, remembered, or whatever the case. I just want it to be fair for everyone. So please, if you’re reading this thread… Read the above articles and remind yourself of these policies so that we all can be fair for each other and the CHs.


I have a feeling we have the same few creatives in mind- as it’s getting old really fast.
Asking a question, and the answer is literally in the brief.
Example, words to include.

It’s one thing when it’s every now and then, just a mistake, or read the brief too fast.
On the other hand, this is becoming an expectation for me. Knowing when I open a contest, I’m going to see xyz Creatives, asking something just for the sake of commenting.


Also!! If it’s me, literally just let me know :joy: I won’t take any offense- I post my standard any insights comment whenever I’m literally just lost lol. If that bothers you or anyone, lemme know!!


HONESTLY- as much as I literally DESPISE this practice - SH has taken NO ACTION on it after constant complaints about it. And I doubt those who do it wander over here to the forum to learn about how much we DESPISE that they do this.

I will make the observation that there are many things that put a creative at “the forefront” of namers and this is NOT one of them. CHs must be terribly annoyed with this request (which makes us all look bad) and they must hold it against those who ask over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over AGAIN.

Sit back and let people do it is my view now because SH is not doing anything about it and it just confuses them and makes them wonder what’s up with that creative.

Sorry but this is one of my HUGE pet peeves!!!


You have a point- I know I’m just being saltier than a soft pretzel. Just ifhw9nfiw9fiekfn.
I blue buttoned said creative a while ago and literally wrote in my message that I don’t think this specific creative reads the forums, and I would love if they could reach out to xyz just in case. Since blue buttoning this behavior has just increase so bleh.
Thank you mom. At least I can rant to you every once in a while and you can pull me back in line :crazy_face: :joy::sob::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: @Commulinks


I actually wasn’t pulling you back in line! I thought that it was bothering you! Mom doesn’t read that well!


Hahaha okay, so yes it bothers me- but I feel like I maybe came off a little harsh.
It’s so hard to guage inflection through text :joy::two_hearts:


hey, listen …

I’ve asked before too … But, in my defense, that was when things on SH were just starting to be up in the air and I wasn’t sure which way was up, which way was down, what we were allowed to do, what we shouldn’t do, and why so many other people were starting to do it so much. I should say I only did it in a few very rare cases. TWO distinct cases out of the few I have done it, I only did it because it was hours before the contest was over in one case, or only a day in the other case and the CHs had not rated AT all. I thought, at that point, to say something to only let the CH know that if they interacted, they may get even better choices. I wasn’t rude, just trying to help. I didn’t care if they rated or not. Again, I’d rather no rating over a bad one any day, but I figured outcome for them may be better.

I’ve not done it for a long time and I’ve not done it much to begin with. I definitely wouldn’t do it now because I see how it can be unfair. But, you guys are right. It’s happening a lot and doesn’t seem there’s much we can do about it. Clinks, I agree it’s a huge pet peeve. And Dino, Clinks, Soni … you are all right that it’s seeming to become the expectation. Was worth a shot of saying something, though. Never know who reads and doesn’t read and who may just not know.


NONONOOOOO- Like okay here’s my thought.

Asking if we should delete seen but unrated entries is absolutely okay if the contest is on it’s last day/hours. That is fine in my opinion!!!

What PEEVES me is when the contest has literally been open less than 8-10 hours and I already see that question. That in my opinion is not okay.

Rare, your example passes in my books. That is literally you looking for genuine guidance. Do not worry at all. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

When other Creatives hop on, even dare I say, in the early submission phase and ask? It’s like what are you doing. These are busy people with busy lives. For all you know, the CH could be the CEO of a million dollar company. Treat them with respect.


Good point. And I’ve seen it several times where it’s been asked within three or four hours before. Granted, there may be 50-200 entries at that point and the CH may be online and show as ‘active’ but that does not mean they are always ready to start doing anything. I agree that interaction does and will always help, but I’ve also come to learn after a while that there’s many factors into why things do or don’t happen. We’re rarely going to know or understand why, ourselves. We just have to do what WE can within what we are allowed to do and then hold on and hope for the best from there.

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Exactly hehe :blush:

I feel like, as usual, the wrong people are taking the message to heart haha! You’re not even close to being an “issue.”

Like mama Clinks said, those who do it probably aren’t the ones that are part of the forum community.


My inner thoughts:
::::::Shew!’s not me! :cold_sweat:

I rarely post messages in contests. I don’t even have that “Lightbulb” badge (I don’t know if thats a good thing :frowning_face: ) Just sayin.::::::::


A lot of good points here by everyone. I think it irritates us way more than the CH as we can see it happening on all the contests! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But am sure it confuses the CH and may stress them which is a big NoNo. The “rate me please” messages must stop… They make absolutely no sense even at the end of contests as some might want to see all the options together before rating - maybe even with their entire team/family in a meeting scenario. Creatives should work within whatever limits are set by SH for their account standing. Period.

And just to play devil’s advocate :wink:- what if some contests were abandoned coz of lack of interaction? - since many of us cautious ones are “let’s stay silent and watch” (me for sure :grin:). Could be that’s y there is no action by SH??

Maybe a standard automated conversation starting or tips message which covers some pointers would help the CH open up?? Dunno just thinking out loud.

So overall balanced and helpful messages that are really required on the contest should pass the “good question” test IMHO.

Another suggestion could be that the creative messages could be without our names and links. That could discourage some for sure in their habitual behaviour. :laughing: To elaborate the system could assign “Creative 1, Creative 2, Creative 3…” To whoever asked relevant questions and only SH team could see the actual creatives. This also gives the CH (and us obviously) a solid feeling of being in a fair contest where only the submissions are their focus.



I’ve seen 3 today. It drives me potty and I’ve reported them all. It’s the only way to stop it.


I feel the same. Every time i read the question, i think O NO! please stop asking, I feel this creates bad vibes for everyone, for us and the CH.


You’ve put it even better than I could have @littodino. And no, it’s not you. Never been you. You only ask for insights when we’ve all almost basically hit a dead end, and that’s always welcome.
On the issue of " can we delete seen…", some have even graduated to “can we delete rated on the right track…” and lamenting " how SH only allows us few entries at a time…" Like this now is the CHs problem. I agree with @AbleBrands, report, report, report. This was the concensus arrived at last time we had this discussion. Even @grant, I believe said we should report. Question is, why are the same people ( who obviously do not read on this forum); still continue to break the rules when creatives are assumably reporting? Maybe stricter rules and enforcement in regards to public messaging are required. Just my two cents…


Colleagues, I have been following this thread for a long time and I see no reason to discuss this issue anymore. I bring in my 98 cents - we need to call on the team to immediately punish the offender after our request for the blue button. If we see a violation, we will inform SH team immediately. And then we will not need to think whether individual creatives read forum or not.


Great points - especially you, @Edukar. I agree.

So let’s shift the conversation instead. There has always been a question about why CHs often do not read or answer the message board questions and why they don’t rate entries. These are both the CAUSE of this problem, am I right? This is definitely not a new problem and I don’t know how SH can fix it but I do know we have asked many times about “how” this could be fixed.

I said in another string that when I ran my contest it looked pretty much like the way we see it as creatives. We could easily see the message board, in other words. We could easily understand that we should rate entries. So I guess the question is: why do CHs not take full advantage of that to steer us so they get the best name possible? New thinking is needed from SH to improve this. (Perhaps a design change, better alerts that there are unanswered questions, alerts about the % of entries the CH has rated?)