Can We Revisit......CH Registered Domain Compensation?

I know that the cost use to be $25 dollars and now it’s $50…BUT I believe, what with the time and effort that goes into producing a decent name, the compensation price tag for a registered domain by CH should be $100. I wouldn’t balk at $45 but it is insulting to have a good name go for $50, when the contest is offering a $200 or $300 prize… Just my .2 cents


Hi Laura E,
Is that generally when the Company wants a second name for back up? I have had that happen before…
On that topic-- what if you do a search and your name was registered by the CH… and you were not compensated. This has probably come up before-- but what recourse do you have at that point? And I agree that 50 dollars is a bit low and maybe it could be increased to 75.00? Still, since it’s kind of a 2nd place-- i guess $50 is better than nothing?
I wonder if anyone has figured out much they have made per hour… I am guessing at 4 hours a day per average- i get about $9.00 per hour – but at least it is doing something i enjoy – and at any time of the day!

@Caboto, SH has a mechanism to report registered domains. The domains need to have been entered less than 30 days ago. You can see registered domains by hitting the domain checker on a contest and if your name has been registered, it is flagged. Sometimes they also appear on “My Entries” page. When they are registered, you can see something that says “report registered domain” or something like that. You click on it and go get the WhoIs info from Godaddy or somewhere else. SH follows up with the CH to see if they registered it.

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Hi Commulinks,
Thanks for the information-- that is super helpful!

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You can also report registered domains after the 30 day mark to SH by using the blue chat bubble. They will be happy to check it out for you.