Can We Have Social Media Links in Profile Page?

What’s SH policy on this, @grant ? If it’s allowed (I hope it is), it would be one way we, as Creatives, could connect up with each other without evoking the messaging service here!


If this was considered, how would you prevent people from mentioning their social media links in their submissions.

For instance you submit, Below that, within your reason/explanation box, you type ‘I feel this name is the perfect name.’ And after that sentence, you type ‘if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a private message using one of my social media links in my profile. Thanks for your time and have a great day.’

Just to add, I am using the word ‘you’ in the generic/impersonal sense, not in the personal sense.

Isn’t it stated somewhere that all conversations with CH’s should remain on-site? I think the intent of this rule is so that all conversations can be monitored to prevent a person from having an unfair advantage. Insider information is even against the law within financial services and that’s one loathsome group, the lowest of the low some would say.

I personally think that ALL conversations should be public. There is too much room for insider information which puts one above the others. Yes, I know that SH can monitor the comments between CH and contestants, but doesn’t that take a lot of time? So, make it all public, what do you have to hide?

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That is a good point @arnet, I had not thought of the abuse it might cause. I was not advocating posting social media links via contests, though. I just wanted to post my facebook link in my profile for either me or other creatives to contact each other

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