Can we get notified before an abandoned contest selects a winner?

@Dan - Can we still get notified BEFORE an abandoned contest selects a winner? The old “best entry” gave us a notification on the ones up for selecting a winner, but now we don’t know when they are about to be finalized. I ask because I used to check my names and make sure they were all still available when we had the notice, now we get no notice. If by chance a name was bought because the contest holder choose it and bought it, but didn’t finish the process it would be too late to say, “Hey, they bought my name” after you already awarded to someone else. Just a couples days heads up would be nice like it used to be. I am not sure what you would call it, but it would really help out. THX!


yes ditto gives me a glimmer of hope at least.


@jackieheraty, noted. We will work on adding a notification that would be sent 2 days before we announce winners for abandoned contests.


Thanks @Dan. That would be very helpful!