Can U Add Button to See Comments

Can you add a button to see the comments board when you are entering an entry. You already added one so we can refer to the brief when submitting an entry, but sometimes it would help to see the comments w/o getting out and reading.


Would also be nice to edit or delete our own comments from contests.


Doesn’t seem to be user friendly to the CH as one just said

"To all contestants-- if I’m not responding to your comments on entries I’ve already rated, I apologize! I’m getting a number of comments, but Squadhelp makes it very difficult to see which comment goes with which entry. With 400 entries, I’m sure you can understand why it’s difficult to respond if I don’t know that information. :-/

I am reading all comments associated with the entries at time of submission and taking them into consideration. I’m trying to provide each entry with as much feedback as I can because I recognize you are spending time and energy on them. If I don’t respond directly to your comment, it’s typically because I can’t see it or don’t know which entry it has been added on to, but I am trying to reply to them as they come in."

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Just to be clear. I was talking about the comments on the discussion board. Tammy is talking about the comments for a specific entry. So this is a double suggestion.


Thank you Jackie! Didn’t mean to confuse anyone.

@jackieheraty, @Tammy: We have fixed both issues. You should now see a button for Comments on Submit Entry page. In addition, Entry Comment emails will now include the name of entries for which the comment was made.


That’s awesome Dan. Thanks–it really helps!