Can someone tell me how to close my account?

Hi. I have been trying to figure out how to close my account. I sent a message to admin yesterday but I haven’t heard back yet. I’ve been a member of this site for years and I’ve never had the greatest luck (won a few) but lately no matter what I do or how hard I try I can’t seem to please the clients here. Every entry I submit gets shot down. To avoid any more damage to what little confidence I have I want to close my account so I can move on without being tempted to come back. Does anyone know how to cancel accounts?

you could always get yourself banned

Not trying to make enemies, just want to close my account.

@TKpro72, I have no idea on that but why not just take a break for a while and you may feel differently later on. I did for quite awhile and came back and seems I’m having a little better luck now. Not finding what they want has nothing to do with your ability or talent. Some don’t know what they want themselves until they see it and others don’t give a well written brief. Hang in there!!! Good Luck with whatever you decide though.


Thanks Tammy for your encouraging words. I appreciate it.


yes, don’t close it, just take a break. Go to your profile and “un-allow” any emails to you for a while. You won’t be bothered or tempted to keep looking until you are ready.


I might just take your advice Jackie. I’m just suffering from lack of confidence right now. Maybe if I step away for a while and focus on other sites I can get some back. Thank you so much for your advice. You guys are awesome.


that happens to everyone at some point - pick the contests you like instead of trying to enter everything - some we are just not good at lol - some I just have to admit I have no idea about


@tkpro72, not sure how we missed your message, our team is usually pretty responsive with requests. If you still need any help, please send me a PM and I will make sure it gets addressed right away.

I too feel like the scum of the earth on Squadhelp these days. In bad times like these, I used to click the “Meet our Top users” button and stare longingly at the Squadhelp top users of all time list and remind myself, SEE, you are better than this, and this is proof. But even that feature is sadly gone and replaced by an ever-shifting leaderboard.

Only darkness and 1 star ratings :frowning:


I completely understand what you are saying TK, but don’t leave. Just take a breather for a few months then come back and kick all our asses :wink:
I won’t get banned for sayin that will I ??


I hear you. I never got to experience that, even when I tied for tenth place last week. Just a rating percentage that keeps dropping.

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I don’t feel so alone anymore. Even though I feel like dirt right now I just need to suck it up and keep trying. Quitters never win and winners don’t quit, right? At this point I would be happy with just getting a high rated entry. I really do appreciate all of your words of encouragement. Thanks a bunch!



I understand completely. I was involved in another Naming Site for about 8 months. I never won contest over there even though some of names were ‘liked’. Lke you, my confidence suffered to the level of crying. I took months off, and then found this site. Even though I’ haven’t won a contest yet, I love it here because 1) all contests are private, 2) people here are wonderful 3) like the system better here than from ‘the other place’

Hang in there! You’re not alone!


Thanks Laura. I know exactly which site you’re talking about. I thought it was okay at first but after a while my luck ran completely dry. I also agree with everything you said about this site. The great community is the reason I decided not to give up just yet. Our ship will come in one of these days :smile: