Can I look up old entries from a closed contest?

I really believe someone won a contest with the same entry That I suggested only mine got a 2 rating. I wish I could look back on my old entries. Has this happened to anyone? I only put like two or three suggestions for this particular contest and I am pretty sure that my suggestion was either similar or the same one. I really have a feeling it was the same name. I deleted it because it was a 2.

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If you have deleted the name I don’t believe you can see that specific entry. But if it is a recently awarded contest just go to the “Winners” section and find the contest and click on the link and you can see the contest details and any other entries you kept in the contest.

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Also Try asking admin (privately) They may have total records,

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thats happened to me a few times - I got a low rating and deleted it and the darn thing won.Nothing you can do about that as it was your decision to delete it Im afraid

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Yes that too unfortunately! by withdrawing names you run that risk,

Thanks Seezall I will try that. Thank you to Jose, I can understand your point. That’s to bad it happened to you a few times. I was thinking though, If I had not deleted the entry with the 2 I don’t think it would have been considered. It probably would have stopped someone else from submitting it. It makes me want to keep everything now. I thought I was safe deleting the ones that were rejected to free up more space for more entries.

Yep.Just had this similar discussion with SH as I deleted 12 entries in the eye contest(one which had a 5 star at one time before they changed it to 1 star) Then they had a misunderstanding about scoring and re-rated…but I had already deleted all my entries.So even though they asked me to resubmit,I couldn’t remember them all. ( I hadn’t written the names down like I usually do, as the contest was so specific).

The few I could remember…alot of them had been resubmitted by other members.So I was out of luck.SH says once you delete them…they are fair game, and there is no way to retrieve.

As I said in an earlier post…I hope none of my names I deleted that were submitted by others win…or you will hear a great big, frustrated sob and that will be me! :0)
Just part of the gamble,I guess.

I stayed up late last nite and tried to think of more new names to submit before contest closed…and was able to come up with a few…but this late in the game,many I tried were already taken.

So sometimes you just have to suck it up,I guess.


Deleted a lot of mine as 10 posts only available at the moment , so ‘bugger’ ! good entries in my mind but were not rated and I had other ideas that maybe fit (from the messages sent by the CH) better.
I cannot message the CH for feedback I can only put in my comments for the suggestions I give, 10 suggestions is enough for me (as you only need 1 to win) if the brief is good enough, yet most CH (I’m assuming) probably don’t know what they want until they see some ideas.
do you need to win a contest to get more suggestions and when can you message CH , I know this is off subject but now I’ve max’d out and have a better understanding of the CH needs yet after what you say about no credit for deleted suggestions I’m dubious about deleting any more submissions :grimacing:


Holly, if, by chance,the winning entry turns out to be the name you’ve forgotten, you won’t shed any tears over the loss (because what is not known can’t hurt), but there will be plenty of deja vu moments instead :slight_smile:


Demiurge, i am in the same boat as you. I need to make room for more entries Because I am also only aloud 10. I think I will still delete 2s only because I really don’t think a ch will look back on 2s to chose a win. Maybe I will keep a 2 only if I think it is really good. I may start keeping track and writing down or screen shotting my submissions so I know if or when this happens. The only 2s I will keep are the ones in contests that I don’t plan on using all the entries. For example, I shouldn’t have deleted the entries from the contest that won because i only had a couple names submitted, I should of let them be.

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@Vision They are not forgotten, just hidden from recall. :wink:


Exactly, Front! I know if I see my name I had priorly (is that a word? lol!) submitted…I will know it in a flash! I am hoping it doesn’t happen though.It would be kinda crushing.

Although it has happened to me once in the Sound Bowl thing contest.I had submitted Sound Oasis,and then second guessed myself as I thought it was too close maybe to the name she already had…so I deleted it,and it won.Dumb,dumb dumb of me!

I learned though,because I almost did the same thing in another current contest,and decided,no leave it…let them decide…and it’s the high trender at least for now.

I think you learn as you go,that’s for sure!


When you open up the screen to submit an entry 3 boxes stay at the top. The brief one for entries and another. If you click the entry one. Then change the filter from 5 star to all and then select to filter again. It will show every single entry you’ve done for all contests. You can see what you’ve submitted and withdrawn I believe.

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but it wont show you ones you deleted

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