Can anyone relate

…when coming up with names? :thinking::grinning:


Even native English speakers get very frustrated with our language. So many rules and sound combinations that don’t make sense. Why does ‘gh’ make the sound of "f’ (like in rough and cough) in some words and then be silent in words such as ‘dough’ and ‘daughter’, We sometimes say “pull our/my hair out” to describe frustration over something

I really respect those who learn our difficult language!


Hey @Porti , what is your native language? I’m learning French. what a hard language for English speakers to master!! Nouns ‘gender specific", and you have to learn what objects and nouns are masculine or feminine! nd the verbs and all their conjugations,’ what a nightmare’ !!!


My husband and I are both trying to learn Spanish. I remembered a good bit of vocabulary from high school, but I never quite mastered the conjugations. Using Duolingo has helped me a lot with that. I know it isn’t the same as a real language course, but it is a good way to practice a little each day.