Can action be taken against this policy

A new contest and within the first 5 minutes the name the CH mentioned in the brief has been entered already.

This is on top of what looks be be another contest of significant value where the CH has selected the name they came up with and sent in a message.


I would definitely report this. Have you blue buttoned?


It happens in every contest where a name is mentioned. But yeh I will blue button it.

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Has this always been under ’ Important Notes’ where you submit names ? I only just noticed it.

  • Do not submit any names which have been already mentioned by Contest Holder in their brief. This can lead to account suspension.

This has been the policy as long as I can remember.


Yep that’s the policy I mean. Been there for quite sometime, but looks like some people just ignore it hoping for a cheap win. I’m just going to report it whenever I see it happen and hopefully they stop or get suspended.


@grant is it possible for Branding team to monitor a series of contests to take action on this. I have literally reported about 5 of the last 6 or 7 contests because “creatives” have immediately entered every single name the CH listed into the “Names We Like” section. It’s must be a bad look if that’s some peoples naming strategy.


So I’m guessing because an extra word was added to the name in the recent contest its not going against policy?
Because you better believe people are going to do it a lot more now that they see you can get away with it.


No what they are doing is 100% against policy, it’s just that SH don’t actively monitor entries against the brief unless they are reported. I received confirmation action has been taken on at least two creatives since I have started reporting it which is good.

As for what they do, I assume when a contest says they like the name “Against The Policy” for example - they will enter “” or something similar to make it available as a domain then for the top section they just put “Against The Policy” for the name.

The reason I know they are using the exact names is because soon as you put anything before or after the name it becomes a valid entry. But if you enter the exact name it’s will say someone has already entered it. Therefore meaning they are literally copying and pasting whatever names are mentioned by the CH and adding extensions to the domain if necessary.

I have no issues with people entering variations of names mentioned ( for example instead of Against The Policy, could be something like PolicyBreakers). I also don’t have issue with using names that have won previous contests as long as they are generic and can be used across different industries - but copying and pasting whatever the CH has mentioned is a joke.


Submitting a name that has been mentioned by a CH is against our policy. This not only covers the exact name mentioned by the CH, but also any technical variations such as Name Co or Name Inc etc. Here is our policy which also includes specific examples of what is not allowed:

We randomly audit submissions from time to time, and take action if there is a violation of the policy. In addition, we investigate every potential violation that is reported by our creative community. Therefore, we encourage everyone to continue to report any such violations so that we can ensure a level playing field for all creatives.

The actions against this violation can range from limitation of account privileges to an account suspension depending upon the severity of the violation as well as history of past violations. In addition, the contest award may be forfeited if such an entry ends up getting selected as winner.

These situations not only result in an unfair outcome for other creatives, but it also leads to a potential issue for us as a platform because often times CH ask for a full refund when they are informed that the winning entry was in a violation of our policy. We typically work with the CH in these instances to determine how the forfeited award should be handled.

We understand that in some cases a CH may ask a creative to submit a particular entry even if they publicly mentioned it previously. Please refer those requests to the SH team, and refrain from submitting the entry since it WILL still be considered a violation of our policy.


It is unfortunate that this thread has evolved into discussing a specific incident and messages that are directed towards specific individuals. Many creatives on our platform (and this forum) have been involved in violations and we believe the best way to handle such situations is privately between SH and the creative involved.

The spirit of this forum is to maintain a respectful and constructive environment and unfortunately many of the recent messages are directly in conflict with that spirit. While we encourage discussion related to our policies, and general feedback, the public forum is not a place to discuss specific incidents. Therefore, we will be removing some of the posts that we believe are not inline with the spirit of the forum and our policies. We will also be closing this particular thread for further discussion.

For the specific contest in question, we are in touch with the contest holder and will handle the award distribution as per their preference. The good news is that they were very happy with the contest outcome and have therefore not asked for a refund. We have explained our policies to them, and will soon handle the award distribution as per their feedback.