Calling all Creatives and your furry friends…


Announcing Squadhelp Community Pet Parade! :paw_prints:

Throughout the next few weeks, share photos of your furry (and not so furry) friends, on the social media platform of your choice. Tag @squadhelp and #SHpetparade so we can share your images on the official SH site. Don’t wait. Post your pictures today.

Like, comment, and follow along as we see a whole new side of our wonderful community.

The Squadhelp HQ team’s pets will also be making an appearance! :speak_no_evil:

Make sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss the cuteness!



Grant, do you know when you will start? I am all amped up to share lots of creatures!


Right now :slight_smile: !!


OK everyone! Get on Twitter and post! I sent my FIRST one and scheduled a bunch more in the coming days! Don’t let me be the only one! #SHPetParade @Squadhelp


It’s been really fun seeing all the SH pet pics posted so far. Quite a good idea. :slight_smile:


Where do we go to view them? I’ve been trying find the right page/site.I posted just a few to fb, but have yet to see any🤔


@Marye5 I think only one has been posted on Squadhelp’s Facebook page so far, but there are several on twitter. You can search the hashtag #SHpetparade to find all the posts.


Cool Thanks @ALDaisy1


great idea will help new people.