Buying domains on SH marketplace with earnings balance

I feel it would be great if we are able to use our SH contest/domain sales earnings to purchase domains on the SH marketplace.

Already, we can use our earnings to buy coins, request lifestyle images, and boost.

How about being able to use my SH earnings balance to purchase names, particularly in the wholesale market?

I realized this wasn’t possible sometimes back, when I tried to use my SH earnings balance to get a domain from the wholesale market.

Any reason why this can’t be implemented?

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That option is already available, there is a “deduct from my balance” box you can check on the landing page of the domain pages in the wholesale market.


I guess the “blue button” customer support team aren’t aware. Here’s the reply I got about 24hrs ago, when I asked for the second time if it was possible.

"Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately at this time we cannot use your balance to pay for a domain on the wholesale marketplace. I’d be happy to pass this along to our product team."

Seems there’s a disconnect…