Buy It Now listings should not invite negotiation

Hi. I’m just going to suggest something that I believe is beneficial to consider.

Setting a BIN price on domains is not standard. Many don’t.

When you do, you mean something though. You mean that the price is what it is. That the name is pre-negotiated and ready to go.

If you wanted offers, you would set it to ”Make Offer”. Right?

I have seen sellers go from using ”Make Offer” to BIN with a make offer option to only BIN and no make offer option for the bulk of the portfolio.

BIN + Make Offer is giving mixed signals, and mixed signals is bad.

It’s like ”this is definitely the price, please contact us to negotiate this set price”.

I suggest that people pricing their names should price them to sell, and that the ”Make Offer” on BIN landers be optional, and optimally really, removed.

I also suggest, that in case someone really wants to give mixed signals and ultimately signal weakness, that they can retain that option.

I also suggest that offers more than 10% below asking price be considered work in progress for SH, and not be relayed to sellers.

It will reinforce the integrity of pricing on the marketplace.


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