Bundle package confusion

Something has to be done about the way bundle packages (Name + Tagline + Logo or any combination of these) are executed. The current layout of these contests and their manner of execution is frankly amateurish and mighty confusing, and even contest holders seem to be confused (Had someone ask for both a tagline and logo in one entry).

The briefs for these contests are all over the place. Why should a creative naming the company have to see information on how the logo should look or such in the brief?

Wouldn’t there be a way to do this, such that a bundle package launches a separate naming contest, tagline contest and a logo contest in the proper formats and with appropriate briefs, rather than one Frankenstein monster for all three?


I am also finding this very confusing and have worked on a what looked clearly like a naming contest and then when I went to submit my entries saw it was for a logo. Very confusing. I also have found a few times (and have reported) that a name has been chosen for a naming contest that is still open but the logo contest (for the same CH) already states the name they have chosen. I think when this happens the naming contest should be closed so that we are not working on a name that has already been chosen. I am happy that these packages are available for the CH’s but it would be nice if it were very clear what was being asked for.


I totally agree. There is too much info/ or not enough. I personally am losing my motivation. Not just over all the confusion of the 3 part briefs.When I get agoing good the bottom falls out of it. :unamused:


There’s a few of these I just have not been able to participate in. What Christy described happened to me as well I started submitting names because the contest was running and active then I went onto the next to find out it was by the same CH and the have seemingly already chosen a name. Complete deflation after two hours of unneeded work. Two hours I couldn’t get back. Then the lack of information or the information being wrong for the type of contest it is. People are going ahead and submitting what is being (i guess) looked for and some of us are missing out chances just because there isn’t enough info or the info is written for another type than what part of the phase of contest they are on. That means either we dive in and not be of much help to the CH and risk our stats as well and waste everyone’s time, or we miss a chance to participate. Not even sure what to do in these cases.


Worse are the ones who have the contest fo the name up and 2 minutes later the logo contest goes live. How can they expect a logo when they haven’t even picked a name? I had started a thread about the titles, but never received feedback from admin.


We will continue to improve your product UX, and we will keep this in mind. Thank you for your feedback.