Bulk management of domains

I would really like to see some better ways to manage domains in bulk. Or maybe this is already there but hidden? Personally my preference would be for an API to add, modify, or remove domains, but I realize that it would require a certain level of technical ability that many sellers would not have, but it is still a nice option for sellers who either do have the skills to use it or the means to hire a programmer who does.

Currently I see that it is possible to add domains using a CSV upload, Perhaps it could be beneficial to at a minimum add the ability to edit and/or delete names using a csv upload too.

For example at Afternic you can upload a CSV and it will just add new domains by default but you can choose a ‘reconcile’ option where you would include every domain name in the csv file. New domains would be submitted, existing domains would be updated if their current settings/price differs from the csv file, and any domains on your account that are not in the csv file are deleted from your account.

There is a google sheets integration for standard listings. I haven’t seen it for premium as yet.

Not really what I’m looking for. One I don’t have many standard listing and even if they extended it to premium, I wouldn’t use it because its a mess, ends up being at least as much manual work as just using the web interface. The point it to make things easier, and automatable.