Bulk domain check inside contest

There needs to be a one-click option to check and see if all of the names you have entered still have their .com’s available. This can help in multiple ways

1] Check whether all entered names have .com’s in one go and tweak names without .com’s
2] To know whether the contest holder has registered any of the names/domains (Or multiple ones) while the contest is ongoing or has a winner declared.
3] Go back to an old participated contest and check for still unregistered .com’s


That is an excellent idea, lightless.

Good point, @lightless. This is something that we have considered adding in the past however, there is a constraint on the number of domain checks we can do at the same time with the who-is service. We will look for other alternatives to accomplish this in the future, but unfortunately it is not something we would be able to add in the short term due to external constraints.