Buggy Transfer Centre Affecting Transactions

While the wholesale transfer centre is a great place to liquidate/trade domains, this time, a certain buyer made several purchases, five of which showed a payment discrepancy in my account’s transfer centre. I’ve hidden part of the name of the domain for privacy ([something]panda[dot]com), but you get the point I’m trying to illustrate below:


In the case shown above, the system recognized that the buyer got his domain, but the system didn’t record my $28 payment (neither in my account’s “earnings” section), so this isn’t just a cosmetic issue in my transfer centre. As some have mentioned, other glitches include: sometimes the system identifies the wrong domain registrar, the system sometimes prevents users from inserting instructions such as auth codes and email addresses, thereby forcing us to rely on the chat section, but the chat section for sellers and buyers is a bit “all over the place” as it’s hard to locate previous exchanges when there are loads of them (catch 22).

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I will add that chat messages in the transfer center are not for the purchased domain only, all messages you sent to that user in the past shows up, so it is hard to tell which message for which domain! If you buy several domains together from one seller then there will be confusion.


Five more domains have also been affected, this time from two different buyers. Same problem: zero dollar payments on my end. I spoke one of the buyers and he confirmed that it was likely because he clicked on the purchase button twice, while the first buyer explained that his initial payment method failed and he thinks that it was after using a different method that the problem happened. Similar problems in both cases.

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