Briefs being cut off

@Dan I notice that oftentimes the brief is cut off–right before some important information. Like, “Be sure not to use the word…” and then it is cut off. An example is in the “title” section of

I assume they are writing more than the allotted characters, but it happens regularly and sometime people ask what it says and sometimes no one does. Can you fix this?

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@AmandaWhite, we will look into this issue and get it fixed.

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I get that some times too, I think if you are in the contest like in the naming section, and you hit the “View Contest Brief” it will not show the whole thing, you have to go up to the link in orange that says “back to contest page” and read the brief from there to see the full text.

No actually I just mean the main brief cuts of the last word/words of sentences sometimes. But, yes, you are right, you don’t get all pertinent info when you view brief when submitting an entry.

can you give a link to one of them that are doing this, Will see if it is showing up the same on my browser. Duh, nvm, see you link.

See the link in my first post

It was visible to someone else bc they asked the CH what the missing word was, but thanks for checking!

Ya, I see what you mean. Maybe they are just going over the allowed character count for the title. Seems like they would notice while typing. Unless they are doing a copy paste and then not proof reading.

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This is what I see… “Brandable .Com domain for consumer electronics brand. This is first and foremost a brand name but must have the .com available either unregistered or”
Cuts off at “OR”.

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