Brief missing info, shows up in "view contest brief"

I’ve noticed that I sometimes don’t see certain info, specifically “names we don’t like” in the brief. However, if I go in to submit an entry and then click on “view contest brief” I will see the missing info there. Not sure if it’s just how I view it on my phone, or if it’s an actual issue.

Sorry if someone already alerted you to this. :slight_smile:


Hello @Chantel !

I have notified our tech team about this issue, we will look into fixing this. If it happens again to you feel free to send us a message with the link to the contest that is giving you trouble. You can also make a post here (@RachelSH) and tag me in it. I will send that directly to our tech team! Thank you for letting us know :blush:


Thanks for bringing this up…I have noticed that too,and wondered why this helpful information wouldn’t be visible in the brief.


Glad to know it’s not just me. Thanks hollygirl. The most recent culprit that I’ve seen @RachelSH is “Need a name for my ‘Home Staging’ business.” The regular brief doesn’t include keywords or names we don’t like, but it’s there in “view contest brief.” Hope that example helps. I’m new to the forums, so I hope I’m doing this right!

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I don’t know how long it takes to look into this, or if I am jumping the gun…but just wanted to let you know it is still happening.

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