Brief change history

What is “type_preference” in Change History?

It is 1)Real names like Apple,Google,etc2) Mash ups like SnapChat(Snap+Chat),.3)Variant spelling like Lift( Lyft)…May not be in that order ,but gives you a general idea.Some contest include the style_preference below their brief,some do not.Check a couple of the contest until you find one that list the sp. at the tail end of their brief.Hope this helps :

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Thanks, Marye5.
However, if we take as an example the “Need a Made Up Word For a Brand Name” contest, this is “style_preference” (as specified by the item 3):
“Real Words (e.g. Apple, Adobe, Fox)
Misspelled (e.g. Lyft, Digg, Thynk)
Made up (e.g. Google, Zimbra, Novare)
Mash-Ups (e.g. SharpCast-Sharp + Broadcast)
Tweaked Words (e.g. iTunes, Edgeio, Zvents)
Compound (e.g. Facebook, SalesForce, YouTube)”
@dan, I ask You to clarify.

I am still brainstorming on this one. The ch is looking for sensible made up word that doesn’t relate to a specific brand/ company, or product. Btw, you’re welcome. Good Luck .