Brevity is the sister of talent

When I started working here, the total number of entriess in the contests did not exceed 500 entries. It was convenient for contest holders (CH) to operate with such a quantity. Several years have passed, creatives have become much more, respectively, there are more entriess. And now it has become very difficult for CHs to navigate in the sea of names. As a result, the number of contests without choosing winners has greatly increased. At the beginning of this year, the SH team made the right decision and limited the creative’s entries according to his percentile. Previously, many creatives exhausted the number of entries, deleted them, submitted new ones, then restored the deleted ones from the trash. Now it’s gone, thanks a lot to SH for that! Now, even in contests with a large fee, instead of 4000-5000 entries, the number of active entries varies around 2000. But it’s still a large amount. They need to limit this number. And there is such a solution. I propose a new gradation of the number of entries according to the percentile

<60 2 entries
60-69 5 entries
70-79 10 entries
80-89 15 entries

90 20 entries

As you can all see, the number of entries for low percentiles remained unchanged, but for percentiles >75% it became a little less. I want to note that 15-20 entries is a very large number for a real professional. When I worked in the representative office of a world-famous company in a marketing agency, 10 entries were enough for me to satisfy the customer. Therefore, it is surprising to me that some of our top creatives allows himself to submit 80 entries and above.
One great writer wrote: Brevity is the sister of talent. Another great man, Castaneda’s teacher, named Don Juan, said that only the first verse is important in poetry. Our work is akin to writing poetry. The very first, most concise entries are important. And if there are too many of these entries, they will turn into water or, in modern terms, into spam. Let’s stop spamming customers! We need more brevity and more creativity in our entries! The fewer entries there are, the easier it will be for the CH to choose a winner.
By the way, my table shows the recommended number of entries for each percentile group. But this does not cancel the bonuses. For each like, the creative will receive 10 additional entries to its limit, as it was before.
Ideally, I would like to have a limit of 10 entries for all A Tier creatives. And only after receiving a like, the creative could expand its limit to 20. I’ll explain why. Because the number of creatives is growing year after year. And even my proposal will not be able to limit the total number of entries in the near future. If the number of creatives increases several times, the number of entries will increase by an order of magnitude. And the submission of good entriess from an act of creativity will turn into a lottery.

I hope to hear the opinion of colleagues and the SH team.


Not sure I agree with your exact figures but totally agree with reducing the number of entries in some way. I understand that the CHs must be totally overwhelmed.

I’d like to see: x (single number) entries with an additional 2 entries for every love it and an additional 1 entry for a like it. Or something along those lines. I really dont agree that a creative can submit xx (double number) entries without receiving a love it in the first place… Tier A creative or not.


Thanks for the feedback, but I insist on my calculations. It is better to initially provide fewer entries, for example, 20 (for the percentile > 90%) and to expand the limit +10 when got like or love, than to allow 40 entries and +2 additionally for love. In my scheme, 30 entries are obtained, in yours 42 and more :0)


I also wonder if it’s because the CH is simply overwhelmed by the number of entries submitted, gets discouraged, and goes somewhere else? :confused:


I think it’s partly because of this reason. My suggestion will reduce the total number of entries by 20-30%


@Edukar , you continually amaze with your detailed analysis of problem solving. You must be an engineer!

In my humble opinion, I propose that newbies should be able to submit 4 entries at the beginning, then gradually increase. I believe that all other creatives (yes, even ones below 70 percentiles) should be capped off at 25 entries.

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