Breaking: Wirecard, Payoneer and Payouts; what's down?

So wirecard AG and Payoneer are currently trending, (check twitter and google).

Wirecard AG has filed for insolvency!
And so?
Turns out Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® Card is issued by Wirecard.

Lots of users reporting not being able to make transactions on their payoneer accounts. Like there is a freez/hold currently.
Its not yet clear how long this will be or how this is going to end.

Considering Squadhelp uses payoneer for payout, what is the of fate SH users who choose payoneer for payments? Bear in mind that PayPal doesn’t support payments for quite a number of countries.

How about another option for payouts?

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneeer
  3. ???

Woah. Gotta change back to PayPal then, I figure.
Thanks for the info

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Bank Transfer?


Bank Transfer??
Skrill??(This is almost like Payoneer)

But I just read online and on twitter that Payoneer says “We know there are concerns about the Wirecard news and how it impacts Payoneer cards. Rest assured, Payoneer is strong, stable, and working to keep your funds protected.”


With regards to the recent Pay one er /Wirecard issue, @grant I think it’s long overdue to add more payout methods such as Bitcoin and wire transfer

And Mpesa as well @grant

I will never suggest Bitcoin as an option of payment, however if SH wish so, they can include it. However, if I’m to suggest any other means apart from Payoneer and PayPal, I’ll suggest perfect money (PM) as it’s generally accepted in almost every country of the world just like Payoneer, and the good part of it is that it doesn’t break the alliteration of “P”