Brand name for a language competency testing and certification company

Getting some good names coming thought among lots of unbrandable and clueless too many syllables names!

Looking for an authoritative brand name with a minimum number of syllables and must be easy to pronounce and write down from someone else saying it.

This is listed as an invitation only contest, unfortunately I have only been here one month and have not won a contest yet , only contest winners can enter invite only contests. If you could change this you should increase your options.
Kind regards

CH designates it Invitation only because they are looking for seasoned Creatives.

Understandable yet if the seasoned creatives are not hitting the mark, maybe time to let us not so ‘seasoned creatives’ suggest a name or two :slight_smile:

I believe we have touched on it, now with further direction, someone with Hit the mark :smile:

My intention was not to vex the seasoned creatives, only to offer the CH another outlet. @Annie