Bought domains that sit in Limbo

Years ago, I submitted a domain name to the marketplace which was accepted. I loved my name and was ecstatic when it was bought months later. I kept checking to see what the buyer was going to use it for and nothing. It sat on SH servers for years. I went to check again months ago, and found the domain at Godaddy auctions with a ‘buy it now’ price of dirt cheap $25. I was absolutely stunned! I started the sale procedure but then hit a snag because there were some additional stipulations and costs. I contemplated it for awhile, and then came back to purchase it. Only to find out that someone beat me to it… I was absolutely sick about it.

Do you know where it went? To a SH competitor and they are asking nearly $5000 for it!! I cried and cried. I’m still traumatized (LOL)

Which leads me to ask: Is there a way that SH could set up notifications of domains that are scheduled to be dropped? I can see there could be problems working it out but SH can do wonders. I know that this question has been asked before but I thought I would ask again.

*Big Kudos to those who make it through my long posts without getting exhausted!


I am not sure what you are asking when you say

Because that would be millions and millions of domains. SH wouldn’t be able to tell you, either, if a customer who bought your domain ended up dropping it. Well, not without a TON of work on SH’s part for no gain for SH.

I think the only way you can know is if you keep track of the registration dates an go and check on them yourself to see if they are for sale elsewhere.

I have had one of my names that was in the marketplace purchased by another domainer (NOT through wholesale marketplace) and put on a competitor’s site.


Oops, I can see that I wasn’t clear. I meant the domains on SH!

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SH is selling a TON of domains. So they wouldn’t be able to keep track of the ones that are gone. But domains that are listed on SH and not yet sold - that is a whole other matter. They already have that built into the system because let’s say that we leave our names in the marketplace but don’t pay for the renewals, we get notified.


If SH wanted to keep track of some domains potential expirations (for example the ones sold on the premium marketplace), it could do it without any major trouble by querying the whois information a few times past renewal date to see if it goes into “pending delete” status (=wasn’t renewed, will be dropped). It is what you are pointing to when saying “keep track of registration dates”. It can be done automatically quite easily, for you to not have to do it manually.

SH could offer an option to enter the domains you want to monitor and tell you if they are going to drop.

Now, you can also use a lot of services external to SH for that purpose. Most “backordering” services offer this, and some registrars also do (Example: GoDaddy: . I’m pretty sure I also saw this kind of service in my Dynadot and Regery account dashboards). I found this specialized service (which I never used, this is a google search answer) to do just that:

@LauraE If you want to follow a bit more domains which will expire, there is a very good free service I do use regularly: . I encourage you to create an account there. It’s absolutely free and pretty amazing. They will even keep track of domains for sale on some platforms like Dan or Sedo, and the domain will stay on their service if this is the case. You can add it in a “watchlist” to keep track of it. They don’t track “brandable” selling platforms like SH, though (at least not yet, as they tend to add new ones over time). And your name will disappear from their service if it isn’t deleted, pending delete or for sale on a tracked platform (to reappear when that change, but I don’t think you can get a notification for a name reappearing. You could maybe suggest this to them).

There are quite some services for all this. It may not be the “core” function of SH. They could always add tools if they want. I’m not sure how much sense it would make.


You cannot imagine how many times this kind of things happened to me. Hesitate… wait… until you can’t have anymore and be angry at yourself for not acting when you should have to. You weren’t sure before, but at this moment, you know you wanted it :wink:

I now try to act more quickly when I see something. There are quite some people on this small network called “the Internet”. I still fail regularly and miss some opportunities.


Thank you for all of your help and suggestions, ! You are a gem! I will definitely act on them and get going on those suggested websites!


All I got is not buying that thing at the first yard sale lol, and all I heard was accepted and sold within months…wink… I’m a little confused, was it sold to someone here? If it was sold then why did it sit on our servers?