Bonus/ Tipping for Creatives


We have added the ability for contest holders to send a tip/ bonus to creatives for their participation. The bonus can be any amount (and as low as $1).

Over the next few days we will be adding additional messaging to contest holders , reminding them that they have the option to send this bonus to any creative in order to recognize them for their hard work and participation.

As always, if the CH wishes to use a creative’s submission, they are required to send a minimum payment of $100 in order to use that submission.

Converting Point to cash

Thanks, Grant!

I’ve received a couple of Bonuses in the past, and they were quite a pleasant surprise. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much for this! I think it is so awesome that SH is giving CH’s a way to show appreciation and Creatives are getting an opportunity to earn something for their time and dedication to contests and SH! I am so impressed at how receptive SH is when it comes to creative’s feedback and suggestions. Thank you @grant and the rest of the SH team!


I am wondering if any creatives would like to share if they have received tips?


nope, no tips. (Bonuses in the past before this new tip thing, now nothing)


No, not yet, but I’m looking forward to several in 2020 :moneybag: - :wink:


I think it is so great that SH made this option available to CHs. I would have loved to do that on my logo contest because many people did such a great job and I actually felt bad but couldn’t afford to do anything big. I haven’t had any yet, either, but I have really scaled back my contest participation.