Blue bubble not on main contest page



The blue bubble does not appear on the main contest page. In order to BB, I need to be in a contest instead of the list of of active/pending contests. Can this be fixed?
Thank you!


Thank you! It’s back!


Hey y’all. …I couldn’t blue button this b/c the bubble ain’t coming up. I’m having a problem with the drop down box for "contests I’ve not yet particapted in " it doesn’t do anything when I click contest/tagline. Is anyone else having any problems with it? Thanks !


You can also reach the customer service team via this email, Once the team has more information from you, they can help troubleshoot the issue.


Thanks @grant
I did send a message that route. The issue of the drop down box for contest I’ve not participated in- still isn’t working across any of my devices including my desk top.


Anybody else missing the BLUE BUBBLE today??? Where oh where has my blue bubble gone, she went down to the sea to have but a look, still the tide quite high and pretty. And though the waves crashed about and the foam smashed the shore, she gathered her stones and headed for home, but the bubble never ever again did roam. LOL Thanks.


I still have the bubble @Kral. I will blue button Admin and let them know yours is missing.


Thank you @jackieheraty, the bubble is back. I can now go merrily about my day. LOL. Thanks so much for doing that, it is most appreciated. I was going to shoot them an email, but now I don’t need to. Have a great day you! Best Regards, Sharon


I get the blue bubble on all my devices except my android tablet for some reason or another? Love your poem @Kral :heart_eyes:


I only use my laptop. So not sure what happened. I’m sure something went awry amongst all the new updates and changes within the platform. I’m guessing. Thanks.~Mary!:rofl: