Blue Box Rockstars!

I just want to take a minute and give a big shout out to the guys that man the help chat box. I had an issue that was seriously stressing me out, and Jade was a tremendous help. All the team members are excellent at helping out anytime there is a glitch, or just something confusing. I really, really appreciate their responsiveness and dedication.:heart: Just one more thing that makes Squadhelp feel like home. :slight_smile:


Yep…I agree! Think of how scary it would be if we had no one to turn to for questions or problems. They rock!


I agree in no other service, phone insurance, much less a venue like this, anywhere ever, is the response as immediate, as helpful or as comprehensive as SQ, for me, this promotes trust and I wonder how nthe hell they do it


All the team members are helpful , all time get feedback within five minutes …

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