Block a Contest

Just wondering if there is a way that you guys can make a feature which will allow me to block, mute, ignore, contests. A feature that allows me to not see contests I have decided I do not want to participate in for whatever reason.

The problem I run into is that I spend several minutes looking at a few contests and finally find a contest that appeals to me. I make submissions and then start to look at additional contests to participate in. Let’s say I have to leave this website or I have to leave the computer or, heaven forbid, go outside and I come back in an hour. When I do this, I have to start all over looking at contests which I had earlier decided I didn’t want to participate in. But because the contest title is somewhat generic, I didn’t realize until after I clicked and read a few sentences that I didn’t want to participate in this particular contest. This seems somewhat minor on the surface, but it can become a major time waster after this cycle occurs a few times.

If there was a way that we could block contests, it would save a lot of time. And it could also be helpful if we could block and unblock them too.


Great idea Arnet! I would love to have that feature as well!

What is this “outside” that you speak of? - Are you saying there is a world beyond my laptop? :smile:


tries to just even look out the window and gets scorched by the sun

“Yep, just as I thought … It’s dangerous out there…”


Sometimes I ask my husband when was the last time I left the house because I can’t remember.

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I think this is something we can look into in the near future.