Birthday Bonus!


Question. I was just wondering, if SH gives out bonuses on birthdays! That would be awesome! Today is my birthday, so it was just a thought!


Happy Birthday!!!
No, SH does not give bonuses on birthdays or any other day. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I won a contest on my birthday last year. That was awesome!


Thanks, Links. It was just a thought!


A great one, it is… and my birthday is next month!


Happy Birthday, my birthday is Friday. Hopefully I’ll get as lucky as Clinks and win on my birthday! :smile: I think the bonus idea is cool, and I’m sure all of us would like that, but it probably wouldn’t be a lucrative idea for SH with 40,000 creatives – even at a dollar – that would be 40,000 dollars a year. :grimacing: Maybe if it wasn’t a cash bonus but something that could be created for and only utilized by creatives. :thinking:


Happy near-birthday, @rareworthy!!!


HA​:balloon::balloon:Y BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!


Happy Birthday @miyvex58. Hope you have a wonderful year ahead and may all your wishes come true.


Happy Birthday fellow September creatives. Mine is the 26th


Given how the world is, you would get everyone and their mother creating Squadhelp accounts just for the free birthday money. But something like a few SH points wouldn’t hurt.


It would be nice if we would have immunity for ‘‘no, thank you’’ on our birthday. Or get a message like - ‘‘But it’s his/her birthday, man! Are you sure you want to do that?’’ :)))