Best Website Builder


Hey fellow creatives
Where’s the best place to build my website? I want to try out the embedded feature.Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks!)


I’m not sure if SH will accept such vital information, as it might lead to spamming


Ok thanks…you’re probably right.I will use the blue button.Thanks again#)


The best website builder is hiring an experienced web developer to do it for you. :slight_smile:


If there is enough interest from the community, we may offer the ability to set up your own portfolio. Is this something that many people are interested in?


I sure am!! I really don’t know the first thing about setting one up…I hope enough ppl get on-board with this ideal## Thanks @grant!!


Grant, it would depend on how much it could be customized. I have a website I love that costs me very little money. But zero money would be better. I like it because I have a blog, too. I think it is a super idea for those who have not done that already. At this point, I’ve spent a lot of energy setting up my site already… but I would have said an absolute yes on this if it weren’t for that.


It sounds interesting.